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Follow your passion – it’s becoming a dreaded and overwhelming statement for many of us. How does one follow this so-called “passion” when it’s not so easy to find? Maybe you’re lucky and knew from childhood what your passion was going to be, but I speak for the rest of us when I say following your passion is not a simple task.

Julian Placino has a different perspective on the whole thing.

Rather than just following his passion, he aligns with the school of thought that says you should “follow your curiosity”. It’s this way of thinking that encouraged him to start and produce Pathways to Success, a podcast series that highlights successful people, and the ways they achieve their personal best. Much like Tim Ferris’s Tribe of Mentors podcast series, Pathways to Success offers incredibly useful advice and actionable next steps to individuals looking to make strides in their careers.


Meet The Host – Julian Placino

Simply stated, Julian Placino is a guy that is making things happen. Head on over to his LinkedIn page and it reads: senior recruiter at BottleRocket, podcast host, keynote speaker, and Kim Dawson talent model/actor. Placino gets the itch to do something and doesn’t ask questions before going for it. In fact, he repeatedly states that people have to stop overthinking and start doing the things they dream about. However, Placino didn’t always have this mentality.

Julian Placino, Pathways to Success podcast

Julian Placino

In the past, Placino allowed his perfectionism to get in the way of his career goals. He wasn’t shy about telling me that he has always thought “big”, but feared failure too much to follow through. He didn’t think he had prepared enough to actually execute the plans he created in his mind. Most importantly, Placino didn’t know if he had truly found his passion, and was worried he would regret going down a path he wasn’t sure he would enjoy in the long term. But Placino started realizing that if he continued this behavior, none of his dreams would ever come to fruition. Instead of following a passion he had yet to discover, he decided to follow his curiosity – and the results have been incredible.

In just three short years, the Pathways to Success series has established Placino’s unique personal brand beyond his career as a recruiter. He is invited to speak about personal branding, is hired for his talent for commercial advertisements for some of the largest corporations in the area, and is even starting his own side business as a biproduct of his exposure to clientele he has accrued through the podcast. When I asked how one might use their ideas or curiosities to create opportunities as he has done with the podcast, Placino responded by telling me he lives by LinkedIn co-founder, Reid Hoffman‘s, famous statement, “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”. This idea of releasing your MVP (aka Minimum Viable Product), is paramount to Placino’s success. He is adamant that it’s crucial to expose your creation to the world and make adjustments as you get feedback from your audience.


Featured Episode – Financial Freedom Versus Time Freedom; An Interview with Chris Hanson

Regardless of what drives entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, one common thread is the desire to have financial freedom. With financial freedom, you’d think someone would be able to live their best life and do the things they love. But what if you’re giving up your time to maintain that financial freedom? Are you truly free? Chris Hanson, an investor and fellow podcast host, has many opinions about what freedoms we should be chasing, and it’s not all about the money. If you find yourself a slave to the job that you feel brings in the big bucks, he believes it may be time to rethink your approach.

Chris Hanson records his own podcast, Investing From the Beach, where he covers various topics about investing and managing your money in an efficient way. As a man who retired at 40 because of his ability to use the stock market to generate a personal income, Hanson has a lot of sound advice for anyone looking to have their money work for them – rather than the other way around. In this episode of Pathways to Success, Julian explores the investment strategy that Chris believes leads to more free time. To demonstrate that his strategy works, Hanson goes through Placino’s personal finances and provides recommendations about how he might adjust his efforts to capitalize on the most lucrative revenue streams. It’s almost like listening in on a meeting between a financial planner and his client. The advice is completely applicable and relatively simple, so bring out a notepad and follow along to see how you too can readjust your “time budget” to fully utilize your “monetary budget”.


Why You Should Listen 

This episode of Pathways to Success encourages listeners to see their time as a much more valuable asset than their money. If we are going to spend years of our lives building a business or grinding it out at our jobs, shouldn’t we also be able to enjoy what we’ve earned? Whether you’re an early stage startup, at the beginning of your career journey, or 10+ years in, you’ll find a ton of value in this episode and Julian’s podcast.


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