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SCENES FROM: The Blueprint Summit Presented by Cosign Magazine

Launch DFW recently served as a partner and supporter for the inaugural Blueprint Summit, a full day business conference that brought together an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, creatives, digital influencers and tech enthusiasts. The event was hosted by Cosign Magazine, a multimedia lifestyle platform aimed at millennials. Event partners included Tekeen, Ecarra, Impact House, Curls, and Gigwage.

Photos by Ian Ribail | @ir_shoots

In case you weren’t able to attend, here’s a quick snapshot of the Summit:

The Digital Renaissance: Bridging the Tech Divide | Presented By: Impact House
Moderator: Amery Williams @kaizencollab
Panelist: Benjamin Vann @iam_benjaminj
Panelist: Cam Sadler @newcrafthq
Panelist: Tammy Bowser @rodexlyconnections
Panelist: Danny Ray Martin @geekletes

Somewhere In America: Media 101 | Presented By: Launch DFW
Moderator: Joshua Wilson @jaywiletc
Panelist: Alanna Sarabia @alanna_sarabia
Panelist: Leah Frazier @theleahfrazier
Panelist: K.G. Graham @cosignkg

Empire State of Mind: Turning Your Passion into Your Paycheck | Presented By: Tekeen
Moderator: Dessie Brown @youknowdessie
Panelist: Barton Damer @bartondamer
Panelist: Bree Iman @theimanproject
Panelist: Brandon Miller @thatguybmills

The Blueprint: Fundamentals for Starting Your Business | Presented By: Business Society
Moderator: John Dixon @_thechairman
Panelist: Yasmine Hamdan @startuplawyerlady
Panelist: Kendra James @thefinancefemme
Panelist: Alissa Callaway @b.moiselle

Holy Grail: Marketing Your Business in the Social Media Age
Moderator: Dom Bookman @dombookman
Panelist: Ani Sanyal @anihustles
Panelist: Christiana Yebra @christianayebra
Panelist: Danyel Surrency Jones @danyelsurrencyjones

Allure: Obtaining Sponsorships from Major Brands
Moderator: Bola Ibidapo @bodapo
Panelist: Roman Malvaiz @big_rrome
Panelist: Brandon Walker-Roby @robyisblessed
Panelist: Sarah Badran @sarahbadran_

Fireside Chat: Dead Presidents: Building A Profitable Brand | Presented By: GigWage
Speaker: Everette Taylor @everette
Speaker: Craig J. Lewis @craigjlewis

Public Service Announcement: The Power of a COSIGN | Presented By: COSIGN Media Group
Moderator: Brittany B. @thebrittanyb_
Panelist: Jacob Clayton @image_ambassador
Panelist: Marty McDonald @bosswomenwhobrunch
Panelist: Mariah Demery @dfwfoodgirl

See full event photos here.

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