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Top 5 Meeting Places for Innovators in Denton

Independent spots for entrepreneurs and startups

Let’s get one thing straight; Texas hospitality is special and unique, which explains why so many businesses are being established in this state. The “can do” and “how can I help you succeed” ecosystem allow for the startup community to thrive with passion! I believe that whatever it is you decide, you should do it with all your heart. We all know that with passion and courage we can create amazing things, offer true value, help others, be happy, productive and successful. That’s the Denton living: the fastest growing city in the country with a thriving community of innovators doing transformational things from the ground up. Everything Denton does comes from the heart — We Denton Do it!

Over the past year, we’ve seen exponential growth within the tech, entrepreneurial and even the food and beverage community in Denton. Innovation is at the core of this city as it serves as the catalyst for more to come. These days, there are many cool spots, café, lounges, and co-working spaces that make Denton unique. It’s at these meeting places that innovation merges with passion. This is where the magic happens! Here are LaunchDFW’s top 5 meeting places for an entrepreneur or startup doing business in Denton:

940s Kitchen & Cocktails

219 West Oak St. Denton, TX

940’s- A Neighborhood Kitchen and Cocktail Bar

Want to grab a drink with a prospective client, investor, or potential co-founder? Welcome to 940s! It’s a local kitchen and cocktail bar. They are dedicated to serving delicious, creative new American eats and classic cocktails served in a lofty spot with a warehouse vibe. It is located just one block West of Historic Downtown Denton. Its foundation rests upon the vibrant and rich character that makes Denton what it is, a unique and one of a kind place! Think Texas warmth meets Brooklyn vibe. You can count on having a delicious and memorable time without breaking the bank. You can discuss your potential plans with soothing, local music in the background (not Pandora). This is a great spot to introduce your idea and/or close the deal with a celebratory, classic cocktail!

West Oak Coffee Bar

114 West Oak St, Denton, TX

Ready to be delighted and feel the gratitude for people, coffee, and culture? This is an ideal place to mastermind your next move! It’s a laid-back, brick-lined hangout with espresso drinks and 10 Texas beers on tap, plus clever light fare.  West Oak Coffee Bar opened their doors to the community on December 3, 2014 by local businessmen Matt Fisher, Clay Rozell, and Owen Lyon. Like true entrepreneurs they help other innovators in the process and partnered with craftsmen, Jake and Daniel Hayhurst of One Light, to create an artistic and unique ambiance from the trim down to the floor. As soon as you walk through the door, you’ll notice the craftsmen details, such as the leather coasters from Bell and Oak and wooden pie boards from Pastrana Studios, which show their support for the Denton community. Not only is the atmosphere inviting and inciting to your cerebral muscle, West Oak Coffee Bar goes out of their way to find ingredients to nourish your body, mind, and soul. They also support local artists by providing space to display their beautiful work. If you’re interested in displaying your artwork, send them an email to art@westoakcoffeebar.com

Harvest House

331 E Hickory St, Denton, TX

Your home away from home, conveniently located right off the Denton Square! How amazing is it to go to a one-stop shop where you can enjoy a beer garden, live music, juice bar and a coffee shop? There’s something for everyone at Harvest House! It’s a homey, quaint bar and studio offering good coffee, kombucha on tap, fresh juices and an amazing courtyard/patio. The best part of it is that they offer yoga from Karma Yoga Denton every Wednesday at 11 AM. Also on the first and third Wednesday nights, they feature a local funky band called Sol Kitchen…they sure know how to groove! Check out their facebook for upcoming events and activities! They never run out of fun stuff to do in town.  I call this the playground for innovators. We can all relate to the phrase, “Work Hard, Play Harder.” The humongous patio has fire pits to ignite your ideas and pool tables and dartboards for the kid in you! The Harvest House team works as a family, each contributing in their own way for your enjoyment. If you want to reminisce your childhood days of being a free spirit in your own backyard, then this is your place! They also partner with some of the finest food trucks in Denton for the foodie in you. Check out their new dedicated food truck, “The Pickled Carrot II” specializing in Vietnamese cuisine, owned and operated by UNT alum and famous for their Banh Mi sandwich.

Stoke Denton

608 E Hickory St. Suite 128, Denton, TX

Want to find a place to spark greatness? Stoke is a co-working space and entrepreneur center to help innovators start, build, and grow their business by providing resources, space, and a safe community for idea exchange.  I love their tagline: Where ambition goes to work. It’s truly a haven for innovators, freelancers, and startups. It’s where ambition, technology and a shared desire to change the world for better can come together. This is where organic collisions happen. You can brainstorm, mastermind, and coordinate a white board session to visualize your magic. This co-working space offers continuous events, support, a desk, conference room, contract advice, and so much more to elevate your idea. Stoke is there to help you every step of the process.  In fact, Stoke houses one of the most prominent non-profits in Denton- Techmill.  They are a startup and tech builders in Denton, educating, supporting, and building density of talent in the community. Their goal is to improve, grow and push boundaries to elevate the entrepreneurial grit. They have the “give first” mentality that put community first by supporting small businesses, innovators, freelancers through educational workshops, networking events, and creative mixers to bring the tech and startup community together as one. If you are interested in working at Stoke, they offer flexible memberships so you can choose the pace that best suits your needs.

Cultivar Coffee Bar

235 W Hickory St, Locust St. Denton, TX

Who wants coffee, donuts and a great space to get the work done? There’s something that is so warm and inviting yet very chilled about this coffee shop. Cultivar Coffee Bar embraces the Denton culture with its uber-cool-hippie-style coffee place. If you are looking for a minimalist feel where you can focus on your work and be surrounded by a warm waitstaff and lovely baristas, then this is your place. The coffee bar happens to share the space with Hypnotic Donuts. Yes, donuts! DO NUT worry about your next deadline…BE HAPPY!  We understand that you work 24/7 nonstop and forget the simple things in life, which are sleep, relaxation, and YOU! Cultivar Coffee Bar will be mellow and just the right amount of energy to propel to the next level of ambition. Cultivar Coffee Bar keeps it simple in a homey type of way. Live purely. Live everyday!

Stacey Guillen