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MY TECH TOOLS: Baylor Barbee

When it comes to running a successful business these days, entrepreneurs need a formidable mix of grit, ambition, faith, a strong network and technology too.

You don’t have to be a tech whiz to take your company to the next level, but finding a way to incorporate some of the current digital offerings into your day-to-day biz strategy is crucial for crushing long term goals.

As you think about your own startup, business or side hustle, get a little inspiration from local founders and the cool tech tools that they use in their businesses. This week author, triathlete and podcast host Baylor Barbee gives us a peek into the tech that impacts his success.

baylor barbee, tech tools

Baylor Barbee

Baylor is an award-winning speaker, author, and triathlete and he also hosts the popular mindset development podcast, Shark Theory. For over a decade he has driven businesses, teams and organizations to shift their thinking to reach peak levels in their careers, relationships, mentality, and fitness. He has inspired thousands of people globally through live events, keynotes, and seminars.

A key element in motivating others is the ability to stay organized, maintain efficiency and communicate a brand of excellence. Baylor shared some of the tech tools that keep his businesses running.

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Microsoft OneNote

How long have you been using it? Six years

What impact has it had on your business?

By far the most underrated Microsoft Office App, OneNote has been the staple of my career as an author for the last six years.  During the research phase of my books, my mind becomes filled with numerous ideas, concepts, potential chapters and stories that I may choose to include in the book, and various other topics to research.

OneNote acts as a digital binder allowing me to separate content into various folders, pages, bullet points, etc. so that I can rapidly jump between ideas and stay extremely organized.  In each of my books, I use OneNote exclusively to get from the idea phase all the way through the final outline of my books as the app makes it simple to move content around between sections rapidly. Aside from using it for writing books, I keep notes of the essential lessons in the books I read daily and can organize those books and notes for easy reference when I need a refresher on a lesson learned.



How long have you been using it? Eight years

What impact has it had on your business? 

Todoist is the lifeline of my day to day calendar and goal-progression checklist.  Every day I’m able to not only view the tasks at hand but to display them in a prioritized manner based on the importance level assigned to each task. This prioritization ensures that I’m always accomplishing the tasks that have the highest impact on my success first. One of the unique benefits that drew me to todoist and made it a standard for me is the “karma points” assessed by completing objectives on time and frequently.  I’ve seen a direct correlation between my productivity, as evidenced by my score, and the results I get in business.  Aside from that, I like that the app syncs across both of my phones, iPads, and various computers to always give me an up-to-date view of what I need to accomplish.



How long have you been using it? Three years

What impact has it had on your business? 

Brand consistency is vital in my line of work as a mindset development speaker and author.  The Over app allows me to create brand templates with my logos, look and feel to quickly create quotes on the go to post to my social channels for those who depend on me for inspiration. What I love is the ability to save templates in various sizes for Instagram, Twitter, etc. so that I can immediately decide on a quote, create it, and post it all within a matter of seconds in size native to the social platform all without sacrificing quality or consistency.

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