COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Digital Content Creator PetiteGreek

The Launch DFW team is excited to introduce you to some of the innovative entrepreneurs and creatives that call North Texas home. This week’s spotlight is on a content creator that offices at Industrious and has a true passion for flavorful storytelling.

Meet PetiteGreek

Company Mission

Tell the stories of the passionate entrepreneur through video and social media, while breaking through the advertising clutter. PetiteGreek brings their journey of failure and success to life, in order to inspire us, promote their business and ultimately increase sales. PetiteGreek celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit around the world.

A Few Words From The Founder

What was the inspiration to start PetiteGreek? What makes it different from other digital platforms?

PetiteGreek (a nickname friends gave me) was started while I lived in Paris. I started to blog about my passions: travel, food, floral design and entrepreneurship. While living there, I met so many expats that created and started their own businesses. I was incredibly inspired and loved hearing their stories. I knew so many other entrepreneurs in all industries that had incredible stories to tell, and video and social media were the perfect platforms to use. As an advertising executive in my past career, I knew this was a unique way for a business owner to break through the advertising clutter and get their business noticed. My video series, THEIR STORY TOLD promotes and creates awareness for local businesses while connecting founders authentically to their audience, by hearing their stories of humble beginnings to success, which ultimately leads to sales.

What can we expect to see from PetiteGreek in the next 24 months?

With so much opportunity to use video, now with IG TV, we plan to offer many small businesses cost effective ways to tell their story, create awareness which leads to increasing sales in a turn key approach. Not only on a local level, but will expand offerings outside of DFW and internationally.


Your thoughts on the DFW business community?

DFW is a vibrant, networking community with ambitious entrepreneurs and business people who are willing to help you every step of the way. When I had my floral and event design company, The Urban Blossom for over eight years, I was always taken back by the amount of business people who wanted to help me and my company succeed and flourish. Now that I have a new start-up, and with the growth of entrepreneurs in our city, there is so much support from great organizations like Launch DFW, co-working spaces such as Industrious and local entrepreneurial events that support new companies to succeed. I love this city and the people who live here!

Anything else you’d like our readers to know about your business?

Please check out PetiteGreek’s instagram account for fun, inspiring entrepreneurial stories and learn about unique businesses! Check out our latest episode of THEIR STORY TOLD here.