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The Faces at Spaces McKinney Avenue

Launch DFW is partnering with Spaces McKinney Avenue for the return of our Startup Community Happy Hour on July 19, and we want to introduce some of the people that make Spaces a great place to cowork.

The Spaces coworking concept originated in Amsterdam, built on the idea that success breeds more success. The locations are more than just a place to plug your laptop; the international community culture is cultivated with members that include GitHub, GoPro, and Oracle.

“What sets SPACES apart as a unique environment for Dallas startup talent is our focus is on enriching our community and adding value to our clients, Spaces Community Assistant Porsche Williams said. “Our goal is to create an atmosphere that offers the opportunity for our clients to  educate, empower and engage with the other members in our community while growing their business.”

Launch DFW captured the story of three of these Dallas/Fort Worth-based companies below: Mooala Brands, Integratz, and Whyte & Company.

Mooala Brands

Jeff Richards, Founder & CEO

What solution does Mooala provide for customers?
There are so many families with dairy sensitivities, and they’re looking for a dairy-free beverage that tastes good – but one that doesn’t skimp on quality. Mooala makes dairy-free, organic Almondmilks and Bananamilks with real ingredients in the perfect size that the whole family can enjoy.
When did Mooala start and what was the biggest challenge in launching?
Mooala launched in late 2016. Our biggest challenge was having to “sell” our suppliers. We knew selling to customers would be tough as a new brand, but we were really surprised that it was often just as tough to get our suppliers to pay attention. They viewed us as small and risky to work with.
Launch DFW loves to celebrate startups. Share one of your 2018 accomplishments!
We were proud to increase market penetration in the Northeast through retailers like Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Giant, and Whole Foods. With the addition of these retailers, Mooala is now available in over 40 states.
How has being part of the Spaces community helped Mooala grow?
The Spaces community is an inspiring location that innately motivates and encourages creativity for our team. The space itself is inviting and spurs conversation with other Dallas startups.
What’s happening in the D/FW startup scene that makes you most excited?
In Texas, Austin tends to get the most attention for its food & beverage startups. What’s been most exciting for us is the buzz that’s come from the DFW community – people are excited to have a hometown brand to support. Even just in the past year the metroplex has seen a ton of growth in the CPG space and I think the community is eager and willing to support its brands.


Josh Burnley, Founder
What solution does Integratz offer customers?
Integratz is a technology company that offers consulting and training services in automation solutions via robotic process automation (RPA) and DevOps to help companies simplify their challenges, innovate their ideas, and create their solutions. We do this with a talented team, a proven framework, and leading technologies. The Integratz Academy has several training boot camp tracts that immerse you in the technologies to gain these technical skills.
What has been your biggest challenge in launching Integratz?
Since starting in October 2017, we’ve had to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Initially, our biggest challenge was commitment – when you have a small team seeking to accomplish big goals, it requires very hard work at the individual level. Everyone wants to experience the fun side of working at a startup, but we had to take the time to find people with the endurance and willingness to roll up their sleeves and complete the work necessary to carry out our initial vision.
Launch DFW loves to celebrate startups. Share one of your 2018 accomplishments!
2018 has been a year of “firsts” for us. We’ve successfully sent our first group through the Integratz Academy, landed our first clients, and made our first partnerships. We’re pleased with the way we’ve been able to scale effectively as a startup and solidify our service offerings. Since starting with just one person less than a year ago, we’re proud to say that we are rapidly approaching 20 employees.
How has being part of the Spaces community helped your company grow?
The dynamic, creative environment of Spaces meshes with our culture in a way that feels like a luxury. Spaces provides a relaxed yet upbeat backdrop for our day-to-day that is conducive to the fast-moving way in which we work. Our company mission is “creating positive experiences” and Spaces provides us an excellent venue to carry out that goal.
What’s happening in the D/FW startup scene that makes you most excited?
A substantial transformation has taken place in the Dallas startup scene over the past several years. We’ve seen the frequency of hackathons, meetups, and conferences steadily increase and it’s nice to see that Dallas is developing open channels for information despite the fierce competition among startups.

Whyte & Company

Kim Vance, Founder and CEO

What solution does Whyte & Company offer consumers?
Whyte & Company provide interior designers and homeowners the opportunity to design in full color in the kitchen and bath again by offering sinks in nearly 30, vivid, Pantone-aligned standard colors.
When did you start your company and what was the biggest challenge in launching?
I started this company in 2016. The biggest challenge I faced was jumping feet first into an industry I knew nothing about based on an idea I had. But two years later I’ve learned a lot and I continue to learn every day something new about the plumbing industry.
Launch DFW loves to celebrate startups. Share one of your 2018 accomplishments!
I had the opportunity to speak at the ICFF show in New York along side renowned experts in interior design on color trends and how our design preferences are changing how create products in the United States.
How has being part of the Spaces community helped your company grow?
The networking opportunities that being at SPACES has afforded us has been amazing. From builders, to designers, to investors, we’ve met so many people to want to help us grow our business.
What’s happening in the D/FW startup scene that makes you most excited?
With the booming economy in Dallas, there are more opportunities for startups to collaborate in the city now more than ever.
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You can meet the Mooala, Integratz, and Whyte & Company teams among others at the Launch DFW Startup Community Happy Hour on July 19. RSVP to let us know you’re coming and share with your fellow entrepreneurs.


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