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Industrious Dallas Startup Spotlight: AddedIQ

The Launch DFW team is excited to introduce you to some of the innovative entrepreneurs that office at local coworking space Industrious

Meet AddedIQ

Company Mission

To provide our clients with intelligent data applications that help them grow revenue using our unique skills and experience in aligning data, developing advanced analytic algorithms that include artificial intelligence and machine learning, and then providing a visually compelling interface that our clients can easily access.

A Few Words From The Founders

What was the inspiration to start AddedIQ?

Paul and I have been working together for several years, providing analytic and technology solutions, and we recognized that there were few firms that offered our ability to understand a client’s business and their objectives and then manifest them into an intelligent data application that can measurably increase revenue and productivity and decrease costs. We recognized that we had the unique skill set and business experience to be able to provide the full spectrum of capabilities to deliver these intelligent data products on time and at a price point that clients can realize a return on.

What makes AddedIQ an innovative tech offering for businesses?

We have developed a set of analytical algorithms that can quickly provide insight into areas such as customer segmentation, acquisition and retention, for example. Also, we have developed a visualization platform that allows us to manifest those insights quickly on a dashboard, for example, that our clients can quickly access. Most important of all, as part of all our engagements, we work closely with senior management early on to fully understand their business and objectives. These company objectives and industry specific knowledge becomes the foundation for all the products that we develop for our clients.

Tell us about the unique services that you provide?

We develop intelligent data applications using our unique consultative process where we deeply understand our clients business and combine that with our development skills and experience that employs our set of data science algorithms that include machine learning and artificial intelligence, culminating with our presenting those insights using our own presentation and visualization platform.

What can we expect to see from AddedIQ in the next 24 months?

We have been experiencing significant growth in our clients, and we expect that to continue. As part of our business plan, we are developing our own proprietary set of intelligent data applications that we will market and sell ourselves. Ultimately we will be a products company.

Your thoughts on the DFW business community?

We see a strong community that, in addition to the many large established companies, there are many start-ups and mid-sized companies looking for solutions such as ours. We see great opportunity and support here.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know about your business?

We would love to hear your ideas about how our unique analytic and technology skills and capabilities can help your business. Also, we are looking for other promising product ideas that we can work on in partnership with you.

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