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Meet Our Industrious Neighbor: Sicily Hill

Launch DFW team is excited to introduce you to some of the innovative entrepreneurs that share our space at Industrious. Each month, we will be featuring some of our neighbors, and this month, we are thrilled to introduce you to Sicily Hill.

Meet Sicily Hill

  • Founding date/year: April 2017
  • Founder: Jessica Hill

Company Mission

To elevate our clientele’s lifestyle by offering trendsetting and timeless accessories that bring joy, glamour, and sophistication to their everyday life.

launch dfw, sicily hill, industrious dallas

Jessica Hill

A Few Words From The Founder

What was the inspiration to start Sicily Hill?

Early on in my life, I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and create beautiful products to share with the world. During my college years, I adopted my precious “fur baby” named Sicily. Her full name, Sicily Hill, has a zing to it. I loved the idea of naming my brand after my dog for both sentimental and comical reasons. In college, I knew two things: (1) I was going to create a company and (2) I had a name for my company. The only missing puzzle piece (the biggest piece) was determining what my company was going to offer the world. After graduating with a B.A. in Markets and Culture from Southern Methodist University, I moved abroad to study leather accessory design in Milan, Italy. While in Italy, the direction for my entrepreneurial ambitions came to fruition. I decided to develop a luxury brand that offered lifestyle products to elevate the everyday life of Sicily Hill’s clientele.

What makes Sicily Hill an innovative offering in the lifestyle products space?

Sicily Hill is redefining what it means to have a luxurious lifestyle by the products that we develop. Pursuing dreams, traveling, romance, trendsetting, creative freedom, and celebrating the joys in everyday life…that’s the Sicily Hill lifestyle. We do not want to limit ourselves to being just a product line; we want to create a community too.

Our Instagram page visually represents the luxury lifestyle we are working to develop at Sicily Hill. We feature images that spark an interest in living life to the fullest and celebrating every day, whether that is by simply burning our Champagne Candle or jetting off to a bucket list destination.

Tell us about some of your favorite products that you offer?

Our candle collection is my favorite product line we offer thus far because we have taken something as simple as a candle and transformed it into a whimsical thematic statement piece. It was essential for me to design a candle collection that was cohesive in fragrance palate, bold in design, and most importantly… smells amazing!

I also love our Italian Collection, because I captured the photographs during my time residing in Italy. As I mentioned earlier, my time in Milan solidified the direction for my company and the pictures, in part, represent the beginning of Sicily Hill. It warms my heart to know that Sicily Hill clients are able to enjoy my photographs in their own homes, and I hope it inspires them to pursue their own dreams.

Have you been a part of any interesting partnerships or collaborations?

We are currently partnered with W&P Designs based out of Brooklyn, New York for our cocktail kits. We are proud to align ourselves with W&P because they have successfully created unique and whimsical products similar to what we pursue for our own product offerings.

We are also partnered with Framebridge, who assists us with our art collections. Framebridge has revolutionized the process of customizing frames, and they provide superior products and services for Sicily Hill.

What can we expect to see from Sicily Hill in the next 24 months?

Our focus is to expand in the wholesale market. We’ve been busy participating in trade shows nationwide and developing relationships with wholesale buyers.

In addition to being featured in more storefronts, I am very antsy to begin development on my biggest passion, leather accessories. I have patiently waited the last couple of years since returning from Milan to refine my leather accessories designs, and I cannot wait to finally share those products with the world.

Your thoughts on the DFW business community?

On a micro level, I love operating Sicily Hill out of DFW. I am a member of the Network Bar in Dallas, and have had the opportunity to share my company with business owners and entrepreneurs through this club. I have had success participating in pop-up shops throughout the metroplex, and have found a lot of support from patrons at these events. Dallas is also a trendy location with high end shopping, and offers a superior pedestal to showcase Sicily Hill.

On a macro level, conducting business operations in DFW is efficient, because I am able to seamlessly do business throughout the nation due to the central location. For example, my candle manufacturer is in Los Angeles, my packaging company is based out of Chicago, and I have worked with a public relations firm in New Jersey. I am able to easily communicate and travel to my different business associates because of my central location in the United States.

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