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10 epic reasons to join Startup Crawl Fort Worth on May 31

Guest Contributor: Cameron Cushman, Director of Innovation, UNT Health Science Center

Have you ever been on a pub crawl? What about a pub crawl for startups? What about a pub crawl, in spaces where startups hang out that features local startups? What if we just called it a Startup Crawl and what if we did it in Fort Worth for the first time ever?

On May 31st, Fort Worth will host the world and show off its entrepreneurial community in one incredible night designed especially with the city’s startups in mind! With the purchase of a $10 ticket, you’ll have an opportunity to really explore Funky Town’s hot sports for the entrepreneurial community. Startup “Crawlers” will tour the following seven locations:

There are lots of reasons that people check out the Metroplex’s first-ever Startup Crawl in Fort Worth, but here are 10 of the best reasons to join in order to avoid total FOMO:

1. There will be entrepreneurs there

Lots of entrepreneurs. And the startups they are building. And everyone knows that entrepreneurs are cool people to hang out with.

2. Seven cool locations

That’s right, participants will get to see seven different locations in Fort Worth that house or support startup companies. It will be a great way to see some of the best spots for starting companies in just a few hours. And, did we mention you’ll have fun?

3. Shipping containers

Lots of them. Stacked on top of each other. Crawlers will get to stop at Fort Worth’s brand new, three-level coworking space made entirely out of shipping containers called Connex. In fact, it’s so new, it isn’t even finished yet. The architects and construction team at Mel/Arch will be educating Crawlers on their design and how they are building this engineering and design marvel. Crawlers will get a sneak peek of this project that will bring one of the first coworking spaces to the historic east side of Fort Worth.

4. Check out North Texas’ first & only all female-owned coworking space

 Dawn Shannon and Tamara Payne own and operate the only coworking space run by women in all of North Texas. Crawlers can check out their cozy space and their super cool standing desks at Ensemble Coworking. This space is also the weekly host of 1 Million Cups Fort Worth, a weekly educational program for entrepreneurs that meets every Wednesday at 9:00am.

5. Crawl before you walk

Not sure where to plug in to the local startup community in Fort Worth or Tarrant County? Well, in just about four hours, crawlers will get to connect with a bunch of startups that are building innovative companies and the spaces where they are building them. Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the hardest things most people do in their entire lives, so crawlers will get to hear the stories of the entrepreneurs who are currently building their dreams. It just might be the inspiration you need to get your own thing started!

6. Get your grub and drink on

Everyone likes to eat. Most of us like beverages. There will be ample supplies of both on this Crawl, and all for less than the cost of two Starbucks lattes.

7. Dallas is joining in on the fun

Our neighbors to the east are bringing a group of folks over to join the Startup Crawl on the TRE train. If you are interested in joining them, meet at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center at 3:30 and a group of Crawlers from the Big D will ride the rails to Funkytown together. A shuttle bus will pick the Crawlers up from the train station and will deliver them right to the first stop on the Crawl. (NOTE: You will be responsible for your own train ticket, which is $9. But, you don’t have to drive!)

8. Mayors love Crawls (and startups) too

Yep, that’s right. There’s a rumor going around that Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price may be spotted crawling around some of the sites listed above.

9. Brand spankin’ new spaces

Two of the locations on the Crawl have been open for less than six months. WeWork Clearfork, Fort Worth’s first office space in Tarrant County opened in March and Common Desk opened in the West 7th Street area in November. They still have that new space smell! And their spaces are super cool and inspiring places to get work done!

10. $10 is really cheap

For only $10 bucks, you’ll tour around town, meet interesting people, try new foods and drinks and learn from local startup companies. Might be the best deal ever.

So, there you have it. The 10 reasons you should join the inaugural Startup Crawl Fort Worth. Click here to learn even more and get your tickets! We’ll see you on the Crawl!

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