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If you’re at all involved in Dallas’s tech community, you know it’s booming. But unfortunately our city does not always get the national recognition it deserves. Many Dallas entrepreneurs and companies are trying to change this. Doug Platts, Vice President of Marketing at tech firm Dialexa believes it’s time to shake things up.

At the start of 2018, Platts released Custom Made by Dialexaa weekly podcast that “explores what we can learn from industry disruptors who have custom made their path, products, and companies.” Each Sunday, Platts not only shares the firm’s recent accomplishments, but also highlights the role of technology and product development within enterprise organizations to drive transformation, modernization, and self-disruption. Custom Made by Dialexa shines a spotlight on the work that is happening in these organizations, and the leaders driving that change.

Meet The Host – Doug Platts

Doug Platts

It’s hard not to be engaged by Doug Platts. This Englishman has quite the personality and a sincere passion for technology that shines through when he speaks. I had the opportunity to sit down with Doug to find out what inspired him to start Custom Made, and why he felt a podcast was a necessary addition to his career. But before he went into details about the podcast, Platts gave me the rundown on his unique journey and background.

While Dallas is now home for Platts and his wife, their trek to the big D included a few stops before landing here. Platts began his professional career at a UK-based marketing agency whose core competencies included digital marketing and building custom solutions for some of the world’s largest companies. After almost 10 years in Brighton (UK), Platts and his wife decided to make a move to New York City. Platts continued to work for the agency, managing international projects and building his network all over the world. But when Platts’s wife was offered a career opportunity in Dallas, the couple made the move down to Texas. It was at this time that Platts also left the marketing agency where he had spent the majority of his career.

Two years ago he joined Dialexa as Vice President of Marketing with a goal of not only positioning Dialexa as a nationally recognized technology firm, but also shaking up the Dallas tech community. Platts decided that a podcast was a fantastic medium for listeners to learn about tech from a variety of perspectives – from enterprise to startup. And so Custom Made by Dialexa was born. Since its inception, the show has been well received and Platts plans to feature even more prominent guests in the coming months.


Featured Episode: “Keeping innovation alive in an enterprise organization w/ Chris Garrick and Scott Harper

Innovation is an all-too-popular buzzword these days. Most people associate innovation with Silicon Valley startups or companies like Google and Apple. But don’t be fooled; innovation is not just reserved for technology companies. In this episode, Doug invites Dialexa colleague Chris Garrick and Dialexa’s Founder and CEO, Scott Harper on the show to discuss their thoughts on innovation and its ability to manifest itself in many different ways.

What does it actually mean to be innovative? How does culture affect innovation? What are the challenges for getting innovation off the ground? Harper and Garrick walk through the answers to these questions and more, providing a real-world view on the importance for companies to focus their efforts if innovation is part of their strategy. Dialexa works with companies whose expectations of what innovation means can be all over the map, so the knowledge revealed in this episode is extremely enlightening and relates to a wide range of industries.

Why You Should Listen

Innovation is absolutely necessary to stay relevant in a fast-moving, tech-driven world. But what that looks like for one company may not be the same for another. Where does a company even start to develop a plan for innovation? The process can be difficult. This Custom Made episode offers expert perspectives that a startup or enterprise professional at any level can learn from. So take notes, and prepare to receive some interesting tips and takeaways from some of Dallas’s best innovators.

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