QUICK PITCH: Goodieboxx

goodie boxx

Startup Name: Goodieboxx

Overview/summary of company: Goodieboxx provides a frictionless, integrated, point of consumer convenience as a scalable last mile solution for consumers and retailers. Goodieboxx stores are custom-branded, self-service retail stores that combine the luxury of online shopping with the gratification of traditional retail.

goodie boxx, maxie taylor, dallas, startup
Founder, Maxie Taylor

Website/Social channels:

Type of Solution: IoT, RaaS (Retail-as-a-Service), Real Estate

Stage: Profitable

Your Target Customer: High Traffic Locations, Mobile Marketplace Apps, eCommerce Companies

Key Milestone/Traction: Our Flagship Goodieboxx location was the first On Demand Retail Store in Dallas. We recently completed a 2.5 year profitable pilot.

TAM (Total Addressable Market): $ 370b

Funding: Bootstrapped, Friends and Family $190K

Founders: Maxie Taylor

How Much Investment needed? To be used for what? $1,500,000. Second Generation Software and Hardware Development, Expanding Operations and Support Infrastructure, Marketing/Sales

goodie box, startup, dallas

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