Meet Our Industrious Neighbor: The Kinetic Experience

Launch DFW has officially settled at our new headquarters at Industrious Dallas, and are excited to introduce you to some of the innovative entrepreneurs that share our space. Each month, we will be featuring some of our neighbors, and this month, we are thrilled to introduce you to The Kinetic Experience.

Meet The Kinetic Experience

  • Founding date/year: 2017
  • Founder: Abe Nadimi

Company mission

To empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to make even more money through education, events, and consulting. 

Some words from the team

What was the inspiration to start The Kinetic Experience?

We know that entrepreneurs can’t do it alone. They can feel overwhelmed by the burden of their business and get frustrated with themselves and their results. Many do not have a quality support system, which can make them feel like they have limited options.

The Kinetic Experience believes that we have a responsibility to provide opportunities, resources and mentorship to those who need it. When we level the playing field for those who are not as fortunate, we create freedom for them to pursue their dreams. With this freedom, they are able to succeed in their business and give back to their communities.

What makes The Kinetic Experience an innovative offering in the digital agency space:

We provide actionable information, taught by seasoned entrepreneurs. Our teachers are all experts in their field and they provide the real world knowledge and experience you won’t find at most schools.

Tell us about some of the incredible thought leaders in the community working with you:

Our current subject matter experts include: Bryon Boyer (attorney), Jason Osburn (experience design), Ken Hanson (growth hacker), Jason Treu (business coach), Andrew Miller (Mindfulness), Abe Nadimi (Mindset and Customer centric growth), Jannica Morton (Marketing) Carson Thompson (Management Strategies), Carrie Moore (Inspirational Architect) and more to come.

What can we expect to see from The Kinetic Experience in the next 24 months:

We are launching our website complete with classes and a membership program by May 2018. We will also continue hosting a variety of networking events, workshops, and conferences. We are teaming up with national experts to host the Kinetic Breakthrough this fall to empower individuals to live even more fulfilling lives and even more profitable businesses.

We will be holding Masterminds throughout the DFW area and partnering with local organizations as well.

Your thoughts on the DFW startup community:

The startup community is vibrant and it is everywhere in DFW. It is inspiring to see so many startups working together to build each other up. The amount of creativity in the area is astounding.

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Industrious Dallas is located at One Arts Plaza on 1722 Routh St., located just minutes away from Uptown, Deep Ellum or the rest of Downtown Dallas. The Dallas office includes amenities such as conference rooms, free printing, phone rooms, private offices, common areas and relaxation rooms. Fill out this form to learn more information.

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