Biztrack launches, offers step-by-step guide for small businesses to grow

Coming from a background in small business solutions, Biztrack CEO Kevin Carrillo’s career so far has led him to where he is today: launching his own business. In his time working with smaller businesses, he began to realize that they really had no centralized place where they could access resources to help start and grow their companies. This led to his idea of Biztrack.

Kevin Carillo

CEO Kevin Carillo at a speaking engagement. Photo credit: Ishan Goel

The idea was to create a road map for these businesses with all of the steps and resources they would need to get started. It began with Kevin and a few other team members collaborating on this idea and fleshing it out in its earliest stages. Their initial team had three members, and they began working and pitching the idea to the community to get feedback and assess its viability.

Later, a few of the original founders’ priorities shifted, leaving Kevin to pursue the idea alone. That challenge didn’t stop him. It was at this point he visited with a friend from New Mexico who expressed interest in becoming an angel investor in the business, which is when things began to really take shape for Biztrack.

With an initial investment of $20,000, Kevin and his CFO Robert Moss were able to move forward with their idea and build out a minimum viable product. They hired [x]cube Labs back in September of 2017 to craft their site, which they officially launched on Feb. 1, 2018. The product itself is a responsive site that focuses on providing the necessary resources to startups and small businesses who have a great idea, but maybe don’t know where to begin.

Their main offering right now is “Track,” which provides “step-by-step guided instructions to Setup, Manage, and Grow your business.” They are currently pulling from credible, established sources on business operations to curate the resources and road maps available on their site.


Graphic Credit: Onderkast Studio

Their main source of revenue currently comes from affiliate marketing from these businesses, and they’re working on growing the site and its library of resources. To date they have approximately 15 businesses partnered on the site, such as LegalZoom, GoDaddy, TriNet, Hiscox Insurance, and TaxAct. Right now only “Track” is accessible to registered users, with “Connect” and “Learn” coming down the pipeline in the near future.The site is free for users, they just have to register and create a profile on the site to access the information.

While Kevin says that they do not have any set 2018 revenue goals, their main focus right now is on-boarding users to the platform and forming partnerships with businesses to provide more resources available. Next steps will include placing ads on their site and securing additional funding for a mobile application.

When asked about the conception of his own business and why he’s so passionate about helping others solve their pain points, Kevin stated, “It’s a big problem-solving game every day. You hit a milestone and you have to move forward, there’s always another problem to solve. I love that I’m so close to these entrepreneurs and that we’re going through the same challenges. My mission and goal is to make their experience better. That’s what is going to help us.”

Caitlin Studley