Are busy days hurting your wellness? NERDbody CEO gives tips to stay active

Working in a startup, you face many unconventional hours and unpredictable schedules, and its easy for fitness to fall by the wayside. NERDbody CEO and Founder Scott Ericsson shares his tips to keep you active even with the busiest of schedules.


When we are in business launch mode our time comes at a premium. We invest long hours working on our computers, on the phone, in meetings, and reviewing business plans, analytics, social media campaigns, investor proposals etc.

One of the things that all these investments of our time have in common is what they don’t include. They don’t include physical activity.  Yet, more and more studies show an undeniable connection between our physical activity and our mental performance; between our movement and our memory; our exercise and our ability to process information and solve problems.

Still, many of us have not yet incorporated the habit of physical exercise into our daily work lives.  When asked why, most of us respond by saying it takes too much time.

Let’s, consider a 30-minute workout at the gym.  We drive to the gym, get changed, and workout. Then we shower (hopefully), get changed again and drive back to home or work. That’s at least one hour of our day and for many busy entrepreneurs in start-up mode, me included, one hour is way too much time spent for the workout to realistically become a consistent habit.

But that’s ok. Why? Well, the once-a-day workout is no longer the answer for busy people working sedentary jobs. We need to be active throughout the day. As University of Houston professor Marc Hamilton (specializing in sedentary lifestyles) says…

“That 30-minute gym workout doesn’t immunize you for the other 23 ½ hours of the day”

How can we stay committed to, and even consumed by, our dream of launching a new business without sacrificing our health? How can we become effective, high performing, startup entrepreneurs while also improving our physical, mental, and emotional health at the same time?


  1. Short bursts of high Intensity training can simulate longer traditional workouts
  2. Resistance training can simulate high intensity training.
  3. Progressive resistance training is a safer form of resistance training.

We can significantly reduce the time we need to exercise by incorporating high intensity training. Sprinting vs. walking for example. The downside here is that for most of us, high intensity training at work, even for a short burst, is unrealistic and probably not very safe.

You can add resistance training to your activities to simulate high intensity training.  While this can be an effective approach, adding traditional resistance like free weights, or body weight exercises, poses additional safety and time concerns.  After all, you wouldn’t do the bench press without a good warmup, a spotter, and the right equipment.

This brings us to progressive resistance bands. Progressive resistance bands offer a safer, but equally effective approach to physical activity and exercise.

With progressive resistance bands you can easily control the resistance. They are versatile. They are inexpensive. And they are easy to take when you travel.

The NERDbody approach is to do four, 1-to-2 minute, activities spread through the day using flat, loop, and tube resistance bands. The focus of each activity moves from mobility to posture to strength to metabolism as the day progresses.

If you are like others who have already integrated 1-to-2-minute progressive resistance band activities into their work day you will experience a boost of energy and focus. You will notice an improvement in your body awareness. overall fitness and your physical confidence. Finally, you may even notice a difference in your business.  After all, better mood, focus, energy and health certainly won’t hurt your brain, your body, or your business.

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