MY TECH TOOLS: Brittany Cobb

When it comes to running a successful business these days, entrepreneurs need a formidable mix of grit, ambition, faith, a strong network and technology too.

You don’t have to be a tech whiz to take your company to the next level, but finding a way to incorporate some of the current digital offerings into your day-to-day biz strategy is crucial for crushing long term goals.

Bi-weekly, we’ll be introducing you to local founders and the cool tech tools that they use in their businesses. This week? We’re featuring fashionista, social innovator, and the founder of Flea Style, Brittany Cobb.

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Cobb moved to Dallas in 2001 to study journalism at Southern Methodist University. After graduation, Cobb wrote lifestyle articles for a variety of publications including The Dallas Morning News and DailyCandy. With an interest for vintage items and flea markets, Cobb started The Dallas Flea, which was originally a one-time holiday shopping event. In 2015, Cobb re-branded The Dallas Flea name to Flea Style.

In recent years, Flea Style has expanded from just offering a one-time market to serving as a resource for small businesses as well as offering custom product lines online at Flea Style now hosts Flea Style Summit, a conference to educate the small business community. Managing all of these tasks can be daunting; however, Cobb gave us a few tips and tricks with some of her must-have tech tools.

Check out Cobb’s Tech Tools

Photo Timer+

How long have you been using it? Two months

What impact has it had on your business? It’s completely eliminated me scrambling around to find a friend or family member to take my photo for social media or our blog posts! It’s a game changer. I love every single thing about it from the vocal photo countdown to the way it seamlessly saves images to my iPhone’s photo log.


How long have you been using it? Two years

What impact has it had on your business? I can instantly upload images on my phone for my team to use. It’s also the best way we’ve found to save and organize every single element of our company. I love the PDF scanning tool, too.

iPhone Notes

How long have you been using it? Two years

What impact has it had on your business? Nothing groundbreaking about this tool, but as a former journalist it’s my digital notepad — and I love a notepad! I use it for reminders, future meeting notes and for cataloging hashtags I want to use for social media posts.

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