Launch DFW’s 2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Need to find a gift for that special someone? Or are you flying solo this year and want to treat yourself? Either way, the Launch DFW team has you covered with our top gift picks for Valentine’s Day. Ditch the usual flowers and chocolate and get something unique this year.

Ultimate Ears Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($80)

Is your valentine a music lover who constantly wants to hear their favorite tunes? This waterproof bluetooth speaker has 10 hours of battery life and a variety of colors. From outdoor parties to moving around the house, this speaker will keep your tunes accessible at any place.

Apple Watch 3 ($330)

Arm your valentine with the latest and greatest Apple technology. The Apple Watch 3 is sure to impress your special someone and be the standout gift of the year! Even better, surprise your significant other throughout the day with sweet messages, and they’ll get these pick-me-ups straight to their watch without ever having to pickup their phone.

Heavenly Tea Leaves Sampler ($25)

Does a cup of tea and book in hand bring a sigh of relief to your partner? Heavenly Tea Leaves offers a unique gift box of gourmet teas in nine portable tins. You can choose the assortment to match your valentine’s preferences. The inspirational story behind Heavenly Tea Leaves is even better and is sure to be a good story to share. Read more on its website.

Nambe Tilt Wine Chiller ($100)

If your valentine is one who likes to entertain, this wine chiller is great for those evenings when they want to bust out a fabulous bottle of wine. Gift them this state of the art tool that will keep beverages at the temperature they want, wherever they want it.

Tom Dixon Tank Whiskey Glasses ($70)

If wine isn’t your valentine’s drink of choice, then gift these sleek whiskey glasses instead. They are a splurge, but they will make whatever it is you’re drinking seem just a little bit “cooler”.

Tile Mate Anything Finder ($20)

Tired of the last minute panic of “Oh no, where’s my keys”? Give them the cure-all gift of the Tile Mate Anything Finder. With this contraption, you won’t have to franticly tear apart your house each time you try to leave and instead enjoy more peaceful time together.

Amazon House Cleaning Service (varies)

This might be the most unique valentine’s gift in the guide, and it will surely benefit both you and your partner. Gift your valentine a kick-back-and-relax day and let someone else do the dreaded housework! Just enter your zip code and number of rooms, and you’ll get a quoted price for the service. Easy.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer ($130)

Let’s face it. The day of a cute Photo Booth strip of photos is behind us, but bring back this nostalgic favorite with this mobile photo printer. It’s portable, easy to use, and instantly prints photos on the go.

Cafe Momentum Valentine’s Day Dinner (varies)

Does your significant other like to explore the local spots? Impress them with a dinner for two at Cafe Momentum, a Dallas-based restaurant focused on transforming the lives of at-risk youth. Learn more about the Cafe Momentum mission here.

Sam Schafer

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