Podcasts We’re Diggin’: Local podcaster brings a South Asian flair to Dallas

While there are so many compelling podcasts out there for you to check out, I am excited to share one that is produced locally, “Amituckeredout”.  This new[ish] podcast stands out among its counterparts because of the unique message Ami Thakkar and her crew deliver.

Each Saturday, a new episode debuts featuring themes inspired by the professional and personal lives of the “South Asian diaspora”. The show provides an opportunity for host Ami Thakkar to teach listeners about the South Asian community and the successes and struggles they face. She also wants to highlight impressive South Asian “trailblazers” who are shaking things up in the world. It’s pretty captivating stuff. Sprinkled into the mix are episodes called “Browntable Talks” where Ami and her co-hosts, Nisha, Jintin, and Nizar, talk candidly about a certain “hot topic” involving the South Asian culture. These topics range from high profile issues covered in national news to local South Asian matters that many people in the U.S. are likely unaware of. These “Browntable Talks” help listeners have a well-rounded viewpoint of the world since they provide a perspective on both U.S. and international discussion topics.

Meet The Host [because I already did]

Backstory: I met Ami Thakkar for dinner last week, and immediately felt as though I were talking to a pseudo sister. Within 5 minutes of meeting, she was giving me dating advice, helping me figure out what my next career move should be, and telling me hilarious stories about the realities of being a wife and mom. I quickly realized Ami Thakkar is the quintessential “cool” mom. She is completely devoted to her two little girls, but balances that role with her own personal brand and podcast. Over a glass of Syrah she told me all about her unique journey to this point in her life.

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Ami Thakkar started her career at Enron and with the scandal that arose, she jumped at the opportunity to leave Houston and explore the world. So she packed her bags, said sayanora to Texas, and moved to India to be closer to family and “find” herself. While in India, she DJ’d at parties for the wealthy, danced backup for a Bollywood star – you won’t find that on her LinkedIn – and wrote for an entertainment magazine – this experience you will find on LinkedIn. Ami then switched gears and moved back to the U.S. to attend law school where she spent some of the best years of her life.

Once she graduated law school and reentered the workforce, Ami met her husband at a New Year’s Eve party. He was the corporate preppy guy, and she was the former DJ/backup dancer with a law degree – what a match! After a few years of traveling the world and experiencing life as a married couple, the two decided to settle down and start their family.

The common thread of this [rather thorough] intro is that Ami consistently rocks at life at every step of the way. Unlike the fairytales, Ami didn’t just end up with Prince Charming and her adorable family. She became the “cool” mom with her very own podcast and some crazy stories to tell the grandkids one day. It’s these experiences that make her podcast not only enlightening, but also extremely engaging.

Featured Episode: “What the…#MeToo – Browntable Talks

The #MeToo movement has been in the headlines for the past few months, but many of us don’t hear about it from the perspective of the South Asian community. Many women can connect and preach #MeToo. But in the South Asian culture, traditional viewpoints differ.

Ami and her co-hosts chat very frankly about how the South Asian community is not necessarily embracing the #MeToo movement in a positive way. The South Asian culture is rooted in strong traditions, and this plays a role in how the community is handling the influx of victims coming forward. Many South Asians do not feel compelled to report the injustice they have endured because they do not have support from their community. It is more acceptable to turn a blind eye or not discuss sexual issues at all rather than speak out against wrong doing. This makes the #MeToo movement not as freeing as some believe it to be.

Why You Should Listen

As much as we’d like to think we understand each other, we cannot assume we “get it” until we fully learn about different cultures and social norms. Lack of understanding leads to living in a “bubble”, which inhibits growth in the long run. “Amituckeredout” is a great platform to learn about the South Asian culture and how it is integrated into our diverse society. Consider the diversity of the tech industry and innovation in general. It is crucial that we learn more about the various cultures and communities that are instrumental in developing new ideas. Once we do that, we can utilize the unique strengths hidden in our differences to achieve the best results.

How To Find It

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