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Do you find yourself always asking “why?” and questioning the things you hear? I definitely do, especially when I am bombarded with articles about the latest studies regarding my health, my diet and basically every facet of my life. What is actually truthful, and what is a total lie? Find out with Gimlet Media’s “Science Vs” – a podcast series that debuts new episodes each Thursday to analyze the “fads, trends, and the opinionated mob to find out what’s fact, what’s not and what’s somewhere in between.” If you hungry to learn anything and everything about a lot of [sometimes trivial] topics, definitely subscribe to “Science Vs”.

Meet The Host

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Wendy Zukerman is the charismatic host of “Science Vs” and woos her audience with her spectacular Aussie accent. I’m serious. It’ll make you want to move to Australia to develop one of your own. Zukerman is a science journalist who unravels the truths and lies behind debatable topics. She bounces from diet, to intimacy, to environmental discussions, which keeps her audience on its toes.

Zukerman previously worked at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and New Scientist Magazine. While at ABC, she began work on the “Science Vs” podcast. After just one season, “Science Vs” received 1 million downloads.

Featured Episode: “100% Renewable Energy – Can We Do It?

In this episode, Zukerman determines whether or not the U.S. can run completely on renewable energy. She discusses each industry, highlighting the extensive progress the automotive industry has made to become fully renewable energy-powered. Yep, electric cars are going to be a thing. However, other industries like the medical industry, aviation, or trucking have some serious road blocks to relying on renewable energy.

Zukerman references a variety of scientists’ opinions to walk the audience through how renewable energy would translate well within many industries. But they also discuss where renewable energy would cause more harm than good at this point in the development process. You’ll get a full view of options scientists are considering to overcome the roadblocks to success. For example, hydrogen may be the gateway to tapping into unlimited electrical energy. Might this be a game changer? Listen to this episode to get more insight into the variety of options our world has at its disposal [or should I say recycle?] to become fully powered by renewable energy.

Why You Should Listen

Energy is a hot topic right now. There are many players in this space who are passionate about securing an alternative and are doing some monumental things. Eventually we will have to change our source of energy to keep the wheels of society turning. We forget that the smallest of tasks often require energy in some form or another. Think about it this way: you can’t binge watch “The Office” without some sort of energy source. If we don’t focus on finding alternatives now, you can say goodbye to the beloved John Krasinski.

“Science Vs” reiterates that science is cool, especially when it’s used to explain what most find difficult to understand. In a world where we constantly receive inaccurate information, it’s refreshing to have a reliable source to turn to. This podcast provides a listeners with education, entertainment, and thought-provoking perspectives wrapped up into one very cleverly developed series.

How To Find It

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