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I think we can all agree that in society we are conditioned to respond positively when people ask how we are doing. But sometimes we aren’t “doing well, thanks!” Sometimes [or even most of the time] we aren’t doing so hot and just want to say so. If you find that this is you, Nora McInerny’s podcast, “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” is a series for you.

McInerny is known for her honesty about the fact that life just sucks at times. But she also knows these rough times can be a catalyst for growth. That’s what this podcast is all about: confronting life and learning from the hard times.

Meet The Host

Nora McInerny is an accomplished author, speaker, non-profit owner, mother and widow whose husband lost his battle to a brain tumor three years ago. That may be too much info for some, but McInerny is not one to shy away from being honest about life and the struggles, tragedies and devastation we endure. It’s her tragic love story, bluntness and perspective about life and hardships that have inspired the nation.

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Nora McInerny was introduced to the public eye when local news aired a story about her and her late husband, Aaron Purmort, getting engaged at his hospital bedside just after he was diagnosed with stage-four brain cancer. From then on, McInerny documented their life on her blog. This blog attracted a large following because McInerny chose to discuss not only the cancer battle, but also the love she and her husband shared throughout the process. Unfortunately, McInerny’s husband did not beat the cancer. However, McInerny has since channeled her pain into something more.

Since her husband’s death three years ago, McInerny has co-founded Hot Young Widow’s Club, started a non-profit called Still Kickin, authored a memoir It’s OK to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too) and launched her podcast “Terrible, Thanks for Asking”. On top of all that, McInerny is invited to speak at events all over the country and is a contributing editor to a variety of media outlets including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, TIME and more.

Featured Episode: “Episode 21: Introducing Childhood

Malena is 10 years old and already has her own YouTube channel. Like most of us, her life is not always as happy go lucky as she portrays. Malena has, in her words, anxiety. She worries about school and doing well. But she also worries about her father’s alcoholism as well as her family’s immigration status. These worries have impacted Malena’s life in a way that will define her as a person and shape who she is as an adult.

This is Nora McInerny’s first try at bringing children onto her show to inform her audience that young voices should be heard. In the midst of everyday tasks, it’s easy to forget that children, just like adults, carry the weight of worry. McInerny gives light to the honest truth about childhood and how those experiences mold us into adults.

Why You Should Listen

This might be my new favorite podcast. It’s so raw and honest that it’s hard not to tear up over some of the topics covered. The featured episode brought me back to what it felt like to be a child. We as adults give more credence to our current struggles: worrying about paying bills on time, affording a home, etc. But we forget that childhood was stressful and painful at times. Children are powerless to the choices their parents make, and those choices can affect you both positively or negatively. Our strengths and weaknesses derive from childhood, and it can be therapeutic to reflect back and embrace our past.

“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” does a great job of not sugar coating childhood. So if you’re in the mood for some pretty raw emotion, this is the podcast for you. The stories don’t always end happily, but like McInerny states “they are not *only* sad stories. They are love stories and life stories and sometimes even funny stories.”

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