Wellness-focused coworking space launches in The Cedars

GoodWork Co-Founder Amy King first learned of co-working spaces nearly a decade ago when she lived in Washington D.C.

Amy King sits in one of GoodWork’s courtyards. Photo Credit: Jennifer Walz

“I had this choir of angels moment – like a big light bulb moment – that this is my calling,” said King. “I could connect the technical and wellness part with what I learned about future thinking and culture and companies and helping people live up to their potential and be happy at work.”

Years later, King along with Steve Kinder, owner of 1808 and CEO of LOFTWall, co-founded a new Dallas-based co-working office, GoodWork.

I want to create an opportunity here for people to find their voice. – Amy King

GoodWork, a co-working space designed for wellness and sustainability, opened its doors for its Preview Week on Jan. 8. The Preview Week will end with an evening reception on Jan. 11.

GoodWork offers 100 to 1000 square feet workspaces for early and mid-stage companies. Other amenities in the building include sit-stand desks, a fitness studio, coffee shop, open air courtyards, an in-house recording studio and free parking.

Photo credit: Jennifer Walz

GoodWork also is designing its space to meet WELL Building Certification, a standard to focus on health and well-being of community members. GoodWork is the first co-working space to pursue this certification, according to its press release.

Photo credit: GoodWork

“I’m excited to launch a wellness-driven co-working concept that connects the dots between impact for people, planet and profit for entrepreneurs,” said GoodWork Co-Founder Amy King in a press release.

Halfway through its Preview Week, GoodWork has secured 30 members to occupy its office space.

Meet the Team

King and Steve Kinder, owner of 1808 and CEO of LOFTWall, co-founded GoodWork after meeting years earlier through King’s time with Nested Strategies.

“We went to a co-working conference in 2012 in Austin, and I had a feeling that we would sometime start a business together,” said King.

This feeling came into a reality just over two years ago when Kinder bought the 1808 building.

King brought experience of brand strategy and sustainability background while Kinder provided knowledge of industrial design.

Daryn DeZengotita has joined the team as member engagement catalyst as well as Chelsea Miller as manager and lead catalyst.

Where is GoodWork?

GoodWork occupies 15,000 square feet of the newly renovated 1808 building at 1808 S. Good Latimer Expressway.

Photo credit: Jennifer Walz

“I see where we are as a gateway to South Dallas,” said King. “What I see is an opportunity for us to be a bridge between Downtown and Uptown and South Dallas…I want to create an opportunity here for people to find their voice.”

Since February of 2016, GGO Architects renovated the 60,000-square-foot warehouse, originally built in the 1930s.

Environmental Architest Gary Olp directed the renovation of the building to meet LEED Gold certification.

Through a partnership with Downwinders at Risk’s Sue Pope Fund, the 1808 building has installed solar panels by Dallas-based Sunfinity Solar.

More information can be found on the GoodWork website.

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