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Podcasts We’re Diggin’: Tiffany Han Is #Winning at Instagram

Raise Your Hand. Say Yes., hosted by Tiffany Han, features “the creative adventures of [extra]ordinary people”. Each Tuesday, the energetic host invites subject matter experts onto her show to speak the honest truth about the struggles and concerns we face in our personal and professional lives. I appreciate that the podcast is completely relevant to anyone who listens, no matter what kind of work you do. Tiffany prides herself on speaking the motherf*cking truth and she definitely delivers on that promise. For all the “girl bosses” out there – I highly suggest you subscribe to this podcast.

Meet The Host

Tiffany Han founded her company, Say Yes Creative LLC in 2011 with the mission to help highly-creative women design and build the businesses of their dreams”. She holds a psychology degree, a CPCC certification, and has a background in non-profit fundraising, marketing, and sales. She started her first podcast Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. in 2014, which has had 750,000 downloads since its release! Her second podcast, How to be Remarkable, which “explores the intersection of brand strategy and graphic design debuted earlier this year.

Featured Episode: Jaimie Myers on Building Relationships (and the truth about social media) 

How do you get 10k followers in 30 days? I’ll spoil it for you – the answer to this question may not be what you’re expecting. Tiffany Han brings in Jaimie Myers, media strategist and Instagram expert, to discuss how to build an authentic following, ways to combat comparison syndrome, and common Instagram faux pas [most of which I’ve done…eek].

Tiffany and Jaimie cover everything you need to know about utilizing Instagram to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. Whether you want to market your brand to a community of people or simply share your life with others in a meaningful way, the two provide some awesome takeaways and ideas that address the most tedious of Instagram struggles.

Why You Should Listen

It doesn’t take an expert to understand that Instagram is one of the hottest topics of conversation for so many businesses – corporate and startups alike – as well as anyone who has a desire to build a following on social media in general. This popular social platform has become a proven vehicle for advertising and defining brands. It allows people to connect through image and video content. For many, Instagram also makes the simplest of lives appear #perfect, leaving us [seemingly less exciting people] wishing we too could hop on a private jet to Monaco for a casual long weekend. The competition to have the most interesting life/business/everything is steep – all thanks to Instagram.

That’s why I thought this episode was incredibly engaging. It was not only eye-opening, but it also answered some of the questions I had about how Instagram works for me and against me. At some point we have all looked back to our old posts and wondered why our perfect photo of a sunset in the Bahamas only received a couple likes #noonelikesme. So it can’t hurt to get a few tips from the experts, right?

Listen to this episode and learn how to not only improve your approach to followers on Instagram, but also how to better tackle the not-so-pretty side of social media. Instagram does a great job of allowing us to effortlessly connect to each other in so many ways – but social media can also cause some detrimental effects to our psyche if we aren’t careful. All these topics are covered in this RYHSY episode – so take a minute [or 75] and hear the motherf*cking truth about Instagram.

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