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Why Google Still Matters

Google is the de facto starting point for vetting and exploring products and services. Content quality, visual presentation and consistency are the cornerstones for informing potential clients, building reputation and closing the sale…the essential ingredients for building a successful, sustainable business.

Hey, for the most part we know those basics, but what many businesses fail to do is create sales-producing profiles in Google – or its counterpart Bing.

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Google pulls and indexes information from the primary data sources in the United States.

Primary Data Sources

Step One

Create, Claim and Update Your Listing in Google or Bing.

How did my information get there?

The major data collection companies collect and store business listings and public records. If you – applied for a business name, incorporated a business, or secured telephone service, your information is stored in one of these databases.

Consistency is key. Information should be duplicated exactly when listing products or services online.

Note these listings:

If there are two Hartfield Insurance businesses on Richmond Street, which one would your potential customers see if they are trying to locate you by searching on Google or Bing?

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Ensure that Google and Bing index your products or services uniformly so you’re not confused with a similarly named organization, and help existing or potential customers locate you.

Claim Your Listings


Step Two

Include consistent core “NAP” data. “NAP” – being Name, Address and Phone Number.

If possible, include these when you claim a listing:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Business Categories
  • URL
  • 1 image (generally logo)

Step Three

Run a Check On Your Online Profile. Claim and update inconsistencies or inaccurate information.

Scan your business using Yext, and see which directories have a listing. You can subscribe and create/update using Yext, or modify each listing individually.


The image below shows search results after entering a business name and telephone number. It shows how you’re profiled on Google, Bing and major online directories.

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Yes! Google is still relevant, and an integral part of branding and marketing your products or services. Ramp up your online business information and showcase your products and services. Update online listings and share your results with us.

PB Coleman