MY TECH TOOLS: Scottie Smith II

When it comes to running a successful business these days, entrepreneurs need a formidable mix of grit, ambition, faith, a strong network and technology too.

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Scottie Smith II

You don’t have to be a tech whiz to take your company to the next level, but finding a way to incorporate some of the current digital offerings into your day-to-day biz strategy is crucial for crushing long term goals.

Each month, we’ll be introducing you to local founders and the cool tech tools that they use in their businesses. Up first? Real Estate Broker, Scottie Smith II. 

As a native of Houston, Scottie learned how to make an impact early as the middle child among ten siblings. Bitten by the hustle bug at an early age, he started his real estate career at the age of 18 and had bought and sold an impressive amount of properties by the time he could legally have his first cocktail.

Smith started his brokerage, Scottie Smith II & Associates Real Estate Advisors, with just one agent and since then,  the business has grown over 200% year after year. With the addition of more agents, Smith & Associates is now one of the fastest growing independent real estate brokerages in the state of Texas.

Scottie has been recognized nationally by the National Association of Realtors Magazine as one of the Top 30 brokers under 30 and locally by the mayor of Denton, Texas as a leader in providing housing for the public.

BUSINESS: Scottie Smith II & Associates Real Estate Advisors   

START DATE: May 2011


MY TOOLS: Gigwage, Kunversion & Slack

gigwage dallas



An online tool that helps companies pay, manage and support independent contractors.

  • How long have you used it: 2 months
  • What impact has it had on your business: It helps me pay my employees easily and faster than any other platform we’ve ever used.





A next gen solution for modern brokerages, agents, and teams to run their entire business on one platform.

  • How long have you used it: 1 year
  • What impact has it had on your business: This technology allows my team to fully integrate their existing database, new leads and online marketing into one platform. It enables our team to market themselves using landing pages, lead pages and different property websites to market our company and the services that we provide.




A platform that connects teams with the apps, services, and resources they need to get work done.

  • How long have you used it: 2 years
  • What impact has it had on your business: We use slack as a communication tool for our office. It helps to keep our agents, staff and brokers connected for business schedule and the day-to-day sales activity.
Bradley Joyce

Bradley is the founder of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. Bradley is also the founder of Skyrise, a community, communications and concierge platform for commercial office buildings.