A PATH FORWARD: A Very Cool Chat With StackPath’s Josh Krammes

It’s no coincidence that one of the country’s hottest startups can be found right here in the Big D.

StackPath is on a mission to not only “make the internet safe again” but also support and mentor the early and growth stage tech community with the launch of two cool, new programs designed especially for startups (Propel) & developers (Amp).

The StackPath Propel and StackPath Amp programs provide security and delivery expertise by way of biz and technical guides, free CDN ad VPN for a year, online communities and local meet-ups to provide support and mentorship and a platform for the tech community to share experiences and insights too.

StackPath is chairman and CEO Lance Crosby’s vision for a frictionless and scalable security platform specifically designed to accommodate the crushing demand of traffic on the internet in an ever- expanding spectrum of cyber threats. Crosby is the founder and former chairman and CEO of SoftLayer Technologies which was acquired by IBM in 2013 and now serves as the foundation of IBM’s Cloud Computing division.

More than 800,000 customers, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to early stage startups already use StackPath technology.


Every brave soul that ventures into the exciting, often unpredictable, insane-filled world of entrepreneurship needs a tribe around them to take their vision to the next level. StackPath is building that ultimate community with Josh Krammes, VP Community Engagement, as one of its esteemed tribe leaders.

Krammes serve as an advisor, mentor and liaison for the startup community and StackPath Propel. With a widely respected reputation as a global community builder, Krammes has been immersed in the startup ecosystem for 12 years, with MergerTech assisting companies navigate the acquisition process, and most recently as the vice president of community development at SoftLayer.

Why should StackPath be on your radar right now and as you prepare your business for 2018? We picked Krammes’ brain on this game changing company’s cool vision and his thoughts about the DFW startup scene.

LDFW:// What was the impetus behind rolling out a program like Propel for startups? What’s the ultimate mission for the initiative?

Josh Krammes:// StackPath is a startup as well. We’ve walked in their shoes and want to help them move forward on a path towards success by bridging the gap in the community. We have access to talent, partners, and to investors. We realize startups in areas other than the Bay Area don’t always have access to those resources. Our team has worked in the startup ecosystem for decades to help these businesses along the different points in their journey. It really is a communal effort to be a resource for the community. As we help our clients grow their business, we grow our business too. 

LDFW:// If I become a Propel member, what do I receive?

Josh Krammes:// Along with the many benefits that are included in the free program, we’ve also got great business advisors who are ready to help you find out what your startup needs to be successful. StackPath wants to provide you with the right products to build your company, but we’re also investing in your long term success and that goes well beyond the products.

LDFW: Your thoughts on the DFW startup scene?

Josh Krammes:// I’ve always had a super positive experience with the Dallas startup scene. Lot of talented people, lot of great ideas. I’ve been in San Francisco for a decade so it’s hard to compare the two. You have to understand that each city comes with its own unique culture and community. Every time I’ve been to DFW, whether it’s working with Trey Bowles and the DEC or other orgs, it’s been great. There are more corporate headquarters in Dallas-Fort Worth so it’s ripe for innovation.

There is so much opportunity for startups to create next generation solutions for the many companies based here. The sky is the limit. The important thing is to get the investor community here to understand the startup market at a deeper level for more buy-in. A concerted educational effort to the investor community from groups like Launch DFW is a good idea.

LDFW:// Your career has taken many interesting and diverse paths. What are you most passionate about right now in your current role at StackPath?

Josh Krammes:// The people. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of good human beings I have met in this community. It’s very energizing to be around such enthusiasm. As I get older, it’s more about the people than anything else. The world went through this renaissance with art around the 15th century and I feel like with tech, the next 50 or 60 years is really going to redefine how we do business and how we live our lives. I’m excited to be a part of that.

Ready to gear up and join Propel? StackPath is currently accepting applications from pre-series B or with authorization from the ecosystem team. Click here to get started. Existing StackPath accounts are not eligible at this time.

(Stay tuned for our interview with Lance Crosby in this special two part feature).