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Techweek CEO Sets New Vision For Growth In Dallas

In two weeks, the uber popular Techweek will descend upon the Big D again for a jam-packed week of content, community and collaboration and Launch DFW is honored to be a part of the festivities. See the full schedule of events here.

What is Techweek? It is a purpose-built conference and media company in 8 cities, with week-long conferences throughout the year. Techweek, which launched in Dallas in 2016, partners with tech leaders, corporations, and the community to build a unique experience for investors, entrepreneurs, and Hero Companies.

techweek dallas

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The Dallas conference will run October 31 to November 3 with a special kickoff party Monday evening presented by Tech In Motion. Launch DFW will partner with Dev Mountain Wednesday night to host a happy hour dedicated to Downtown Dallas innovation. The primary day of events will take place Thursday, with the Growth Summit serving as the focal point at the Moody Performance Hall in the Dallas Arts District.


At the helm of Techweek is CEO Amanda Signorelli, a former consultant at McKinsey, who’s been on a mission to refine the media and events company’s focus and direction since she accepted the role in 2015.

LDFW’s CEO Jasmin Brand got an opportunity to pick this emerging leader’s brain and was pleasantly surprised at what she discovered. Read on…

Jasmin Brand:// Thanks for chatting with us Amanda. What have been your biggest lessons learned with two years under your belt as CEO at Techweek?

Amanda Signorelli:// People are your greatest asset. Your team is the lifeblood of the product, the company, and the future. And execution is no less important than strategy. You may have a great vision, but following through all the details and thinking through every scenario is what makes or breaks the experience. 

Jasmin Brand:// What’s the biggest misconception people have of you?

Amanda Signorelli:// A lot of people think I am an extrovert – very common misconception. I am an introvert and typically get very shy in large groups which can be pretty funny for some given I run an events company that brings together thousands of people.

Amanda Signorelli

Jasmin Brand:// As a fellow introvert, I can totally relate. Tell us more about this year’s focus, Growth Summit.

Amanda Signorelli:// Last year, we saw a significant focus in the media and other events on startups but very little on Growth Stage companies; the companies who have seen success and are scaling quickly. These companies we believe are the ripest place to foster spin-offs and in turn, create more companies, train great talent and drive the local ecosystem. 

Jasmin Brand:// We really love Techweek’s mission. Especially it’s recognition of the importance of reaching diverse people and places. Can you share what role diversity and inclusion play in your conference planning?

Amanda Signorelli:// Diversity and inclusion is the crux of our ethos – first and foremost, in terms of places and geographies. Rather than following mainstream media’s myopic focus on Silicon Valley as the heart of tech we believe markets beyond the valley have great potential. Second, diversity of people and in turn perspectives. We host a women in tech breakfast in every market and fight hard to have at least one woman present on 80% of our panels.

Jasmin Brand:// Your thoughts on the Dallas tech scene?

Amanda Signorelli:// The Dallas tech scene began as the telecom corridor in the 1950’s and since then has been slowly developing. In 2017, about 50 employees work in tech per 1,000 jobs according to Adobo. You have the tech talent in Dallas and on top of that, the wage to rent ratio is about 6.7 to 1 vs. 2.6 to 1 for San Francisco; Dallas is significantly more sustainable and livable. I believe the city is in a prime place to continue to build and absorb tech talent.

Jasmin Brand:// One of the many concerns that we hear from entrepreneurs is the thought of giving up when challenges become too much. Any advice for overcoming tough times?

Amanda Signorelli:// Accept the fact that some things will fall through the cracks, but your main objective needs to be solving the most important issue at hand, breaking it down in pieces, de-escalating any emotions, and aggressively developing a plan to address the challenges.

Jasmin Brand:// What’s next for Techweek?

Amanda Signorelli:// We believe the future of connecting tech ecosystems and sharing both content and stories will be through media. This is the age of content and access. We hope in 2018 to be able to connect all of our ecosystems as a network beyond the valley through media. Learn more about Techweek by going to and a huge thank you to our partners who make this possible, Accenture, Elevate, Oracle, Sabre, and Zendesk to name just a few!

Grab your tickets for Techweek Dallas HERE.

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