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Can You Innovate Beef Jerky? SAAP Lao Kitchen Says Yes

SAAP Lao Kitchen has discovered the secret recipe for finding and maintaining business success with their popular style of cooking that deliciously pays homage to family, heritage and the love of a very popular treat…remixed their way.

saap lao dallas

A family affair

What is SAAP Lao Kitchen?

A pop-up kitchen born out of a love of family, food and the delicious tastes, aromas, and sounds that authentically symbolize true Laotian cooking. Along with their pop-up culinary offerings, SAAP Lao is also building a tasty reputation for their Lao-style beef jerky that continues to sell out frequently at the Farmers Market and online.

Startup: Saap Lao Kitchen
Company Start Date: June 2016
Founders: Elson Douangdara, Cliffton Douangdara, Sandy Sichanh, Frank Chanthorn, Kim Chanthorn & Frick Chanthorn
LDFW:// How did you get started?

It was an idea that we all discussed as a New Year’s resolution. We wanted to share the food that we grew up eating and loving so much. We found that pop-ups were the perfect medium to showcase our story, flavors and creative style.

saap lao dallas

LDFW:// Your beef jerky is getting rave reviews across the city. What makes it different than the rest?

We started out with a very traditional Laotian recipe called Seen Savanh which translates to “Heavenly Beef”. Elson (Co-Founder), worked really hard to further perfect our product, which makes it unique amongst American and Laotian jerkies alike. True to Lao fashion, we use very simple ingredients but really try to maximize the flavor. It’s sweet, savory, and a lot more tender than your typical jerky.  The main difference is that Lao jerky is flash fried before serving, which puts a beautiful caramelized glaze on the exterior. We make it fresh every week and don’t use nitrates or preservatives.

LDFW:// What has been your greatest success to date? 

Being recognized and featured in D Magazine & FW Magazine for our Pop-Ups and jerky.

LDFW:// Biggest lessons learned as a founder?

Staying true to our core values and mission as a company and not making any compromises that go against those values

LDFW:// Your thoughts on the DFW startup scene?

DFW has been very supportive and we have met so many people with similar ambitions and goals. It has just been so inspiring to meet other people that are just as passionate as we are. We have also made some great partnerships that continue to help connect us with other business resources within the community.

LDFW:// What’s next for SAAP Lao?

We hope to have a brick & mortar one day where we can continue to share our delicious beef jerky and Lao food. Stay connected with us for upcoming pop-up dates!

SAAP Lao will be featured at the October edition of Dallas New Tech on 10/3.

Grab your tickets here.

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