Up close and personal with the startups that call North Texas home.

Featured Startup: ROBOAMP

Founder: Roberto Inetti

Neighborhood: Rockwall, TX

roboamp dallas

What was the inspiration to start ROBOAMP? 

I’m a software engineer. I love to solve problems, design systems, etc. So for me, every time I’m developing tools or websites, speed is a feature. We have a real web overweight problem, and this translates to super slow mobile websites, an increase in bounce rates and lowered conversion rates. 70% of visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and right now, the average loading time in mobile is between 4 and 8 seconds. 8 seconds is only OK in bull riding! ROBOAMP hopes to solve this problem. With just ONE line of code, we are able to make websites load in 1 second or less.

What is your background? First startup? Or serial entrepreneur?

I’m a software engineer. This is my second startup; my first startup was JobNow and we went through the Collide Village Accelerator Program. ROBOAMP is a pre-launch company and I’ve been working on it full-time since April.

Founder Roberto Inetti

What makes ROBOAMP unique from its competition?

We have the huge advantage of working with the bleeding edge of web development which means fewer competitors. There are very few competitors trying to solve this problem in the way that we are doing it. The way we process the CSS and Javascript elements of the page is different than our competitors. Our team also has a lot of experience developing large scale systems. I personally wrote my own caching system some years ago.

What can we expect to see from ROBOAMP over the next 24 months?

Our goal is to have one million websites using our technology in the next 12 months. It sounds like a lot, but is something totally doable based on our market strategy. We are already in conversations with one of the biggest retailers in the country and with a couple of advertising agencies here in Dallas.

What does ROBOAMP need right now to be successful?

We are focusing our energies in raising our seed round. That will help us to focus in developing the product and find product market fit.

Your thoughts on the DFW startup scene?

It has been incredible the constant support from the Dallas/Fort Worth community. I’m always asking for advice and feedback and there is overwhelming the amount of people always willing to help.

Anything else our readers should know?

Please sign up; they can try ROBOAMP for free! All the pages we generate, loads in one second or less (average time 0.75 seconds). Google AMP is the biggest change in SEO in the last 15 years. You HAVE to have an AMP version of your page.