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Phone Charging Vending Machine Concept Launches In Dallas

Power Drop has announced the launch of its state of the art phone charging vending machines inside Frisco’s Stonebriar Centre. The machines, which sell single-use, recyclable, phone chargers, are located in very high traffic areas and will be supported by manufacturing partner The-Venders.

“The Power Drop system features both an innovative kiosk and a cutting edge product,” said Joe Menichiello, President of Power Drop. “We expect sales of this unit to continue to surge as the cellphone market (over 6.8 billion devices in use in the world) provides an almost limitless potential customer base.”

Power Drop will also deploy 15 additional machines within the next 30 days throughout North America. Robert Bienias, VP of Business Development for The-Venders says, “We are excited about the growth Power Drop has shown over the past 12 months and are thrilled to be able to support their efforts with one of our customized Slimline models.”
To purchase a charger, locate one of the kiosks and swipe or insert your Visa or MasterCard. MasterCard Pay Pass is also available. The kiosk dispenses pre-packaged 1200 mAh Apple/iPhone Lightning as well as Android Micro-USB disposable phone chargers. Once the Power Drop Charger has been dispensed, remove it from the static-free packaging and plug into your phone. The charger can be thrown away once its fully used; the charger features a bio-degradable shell.