Fort Worth-Based “Popreneur” Launches Inaugural Pop Shop This Fall

Summer may be coming to an end, but Carolyn Phillips’ frozen pops biz, Alchemy Pops, is hotter than ever as she prepares to launch her very first brick-and-mortar shop in one of Fort Worth’s up and coming areas, South Main Street.

alchemy pops fort worth

Carolyn Phillips

What are Alchemy Pops?

Artisan frozen bites of yummy goodness hand-made from farm-fresh local ingredients. The tasty startup offers a refreshing alternative to commercially processed pops and strives to create a sense of community with each flavorful treat. Phillips has combined her experience in business, sustainability, and access to healthy local food to provide delicious and wholesome frozen pops that have attracted a legion of loyal fans around the city and managed to support local farmers too.

Startup: Alchemy Pops

Company Start Date: 2015

LDFW:// How did you get started?

Carolyn Phillips:// This business was a side hustle! I started creating frozen pops on nights and weekends and it is now my full-time hustle.

LDFW:// What makes alchemy pops different than other frozen food offerings in Dallas/Fort Worth?

Carolyn Phillips:// Alchemy Pops is local to Fort Worth and focused on cultivating community, one frozen pop at a time! We source as locally as possible and handcraft flavors based on the season. 

LDFW:// Your thoughts on the Fort Worth startup scene?

Carolyn Phillips:// There’s a very special feeling in the Fort Worth startup scene right now; there is lots of growth and opportunity, lots of excitement and enthusiasm for local small businesses. I’m excited to be a new business in a newly updated area of Fort Worth, South Main Street, which has gotten a major facelift this year. I’ve felt very supported by other entrepreneurs and found a lot of inspiration from this startup community. 

LDFW:// Biggest lessons learned as a founder?

Carolyn Phillips:// Don’t complain about the problems you’re privileged to have.  

LDFW:// What has been your greatest success to date? 

Carolyn Phillips:// Deciding to quit my job to be a full-time Popreneur. 

LDFW:// What’s next for Alchemy Pops?

Carolyn Phillips:// Were opening our first brick-and-mortar pop shop this year at 411 South Main Street in Fort Worth. We are growing our team, growing our footprint and growing our reach. Next steps include launching additional brands; more than just frozen pops.

I’m truly honored every time I get to share my story. I haven’t been able to accomplish anything on my own. I have had a lot of help from a lot of great people. There are have been some bad eggs along the way, too, but they’re just blips along the way. I wouldn’t change anything about my journey so far. 

Alchemy Pops will be featured at the September edition of Dallas New Tech on 9/5.

Grab your tickets here.

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