Game-Changing App Offers Innovative Resource In Arrest Situations

i got berries app dallas is a free application available through both Google Play for Android and iTunes for Apple devices and gives users the power to solicit the help required in case of an arrest situation. Whether the user needs to contact a lawyer, engage a bail bondsman, or just let a family member or friend know what has happened, iGotBerries instantly connects to resources that a user might not otherwise have access to.

iGotBerries was named after the expression used to describe the red and blue lights that police officers use to detain a vehicle.

iigotberries dallas police appWhen the user is pulled over by police, the app is opened and the “SOS” button activated. The user will then have 15 minutes to clear the notification, assuming all goes well, or the app will call for help.

Attorneys can sign up to represent one of 3,000-plus counties in the United States. Once a user triggers the SOS Button, an email is automatically sent to the preferred email with the Google Maps location, and contact information.

iGotBerries may mean the difference between a few hours downtown, or an entire weekend in a holding cell. It may be the thing that saves a job, allowing one to get back to work sooner, with fewer hours … or even days missed without an excuse.

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