The City of Allen Selects Scientel Solutions to Deploy Smart City Network Platform

Scientel Solutions and City of Allen team up to make Allen a smarter place to visit, work, live and play with Internet of Things technology.

The City of Allen, Texas has awarded universal system integrator, Scientel Solutions, LLC , a contract to deploy a Smart City Network Platform. Scientel Solutions and Allen are teaming to make Allen a smarter place to visit, work, live and play by integrating information and communication technology and Internet of Things technology securely to manage city’s assets. This powerful IT upgrade will deliver a much faster and infallible network benefiting nearly 100,000 Allen residents.

Scientel Solutions’ offering consists of the removal of the existing Ceragon 311 Mbps core network star topology with a highly redundant 1.4 Gbps network utilizing SIAE Microelectronica Wireless as the Metro Core, Cambium Networks for the outdoor network distribution and Cisco System for routing and switching between Allen’s internal network, the Internet and Cloud Services. Following the implementation of the new system, Allen will no longer be vulnerable to single points of failures such as fiber cuts, removal of recurring costs of old slow telco lines and can focus on Smart City and Cloud initiatives knowing they have a strong and secure network foundation. As a certified competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), Scientel Solutions has all end-to-end, and Cloud network components available to implement the right solutions to their customers – wireless, fiber, and carrier owned or company owned infrastructure is available to Scientel Solutions and its customers.

“Once the Smart City Network Platform is deployed, Allen will be able to confidently move forward with other initiatives such as nodes to help optimize traffic and parking, enhance public safety, environmental awareness and overall livability for Allen residents. This is the foundation to Allen the ‘Smart City,’ and it will be completed before the end of October. Now that is smart and fast!” said Nelson C. Santos, President of Scientel Solutions.

“Adding this high-speed wireless backbone will provide improved network reliability for critical locations such as fire stations and police substation, ensuring our first responders can get the information they need at all times,” said Eric Matthews, I.T. Director for the City of Allen. “The new wireless network also ensures that if the network connecting City buildings is cut in one location, the City will remain operational as digital traffic will reroute around the network across the new wireless links.”

In addition to ensuring public safety, residents will enjoy high-speed WiFi at some parks facilities, including the newly-renovated Ford Pool. Visitors to Allen Senior Recreation Center will see more than a tenfold increase in internet speeds for online learning, research, and entertainment.

“This secure network in the sky is used by many organizations looking for improved communications without the large expense and long time frame of digging up streets to install fiber optic cable,” said Matthews. “By leveraging this flexible wireless technology, Allen is building reliability for today and laying the foundation for future Smart City and Internet of Things opportunities.”

The City of Allen and Scientel Solutions anticipate project completion by October of this year.

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