San Francisco-Based Invitae Acquires Dallas Healthcare Software Startup

Invitae Corporation , one of the fastest growing genetic information companies, has acquired Ommdom Inc., which develops healthcare software, including CancerGene Connect, one of the most efficient, end-to-end platforms available for collecting and managing genetic family histories. The technology behind CancerGene Connect was first created in the late 1990s at UT Southwestern Medical Center, which developed an initial version of the tool that enabled clinicians to quickly and digitally run complex risk assessment algorithms that previously required time-intensive research calculations for each patient.

It soon became an institutional standard used throughout the academic and research world. In 2013, UT Southwestern Medical Center won the prestigious Innovator Award from the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) for its work on CancerGene Connect. Ommdom has an exclusive license from UT Southwestern Medical Center to further develop and commercialize CancerGene Connect.

invitaeThe acquisition expands Invitae’s suite of genome management offerings designed to help patients and clinicians use genetic information as part of mainstream medical care.

CancerGene Connect was developed by clinicians for clinicians to streamline the collection, analysis, and management of patient family history information. The platform uses a cloud-based, mobile friendly patient interface to gather family history information prior to a clinician appointment. Once completed, powerful analysis tools using the latest research on hereditary risk analyze a patient’s predisposition to disease and provide actionable analysis to inform therapeutic decisions, such as genetic testing or treatment approaches. In addition, the platform provides clinicians with the ability to look beyond the individual to understand trends across all their patients.

“Genetic information has enormous potential to transform healthcare for the better,” said Sean George, chief executive officer of Invitae. “CancerGene Connect will allow us to expand the tools we offer to clinicians using genetic information as part of patient care. The CancerGene Connect platform is unmatched for ease of use and depth of analysis, and has strong endorsement from clinicians who use it. We’re proud to add it to the services we offer.”

By encouraging family history collection by the patients prior to their genetics appointment, CancerGene Connect assembles more thorough and detailed information. Clinicians have found that providing patients with the tools needed to answer detailed questions and connect with other family members to collect specific details significantly elevated the quality of family health data. The analysis tools that build on that data provide depth and flexibility for clinicians to tailor to each individual patient.

“We are extremely proud of the platform we’ve built with CancerGene Connect and the impact it has on improving care for patients,” said Richard Burghardt, chief executive officer of Ommdom. “Although most frequently discussed in relation to cancer, family health history also has significant and growing importance in the prevention and management of heart, metabolic, neurological, and other diseases. Joining Invitae will broaden the reach of our technology, bringing its benefits to more clinicians and their patients.”

Under the terms of the stock exchange agreement, Invitae acquired all of Ommdom’s outstanding capital stock in exchange for approximately $6 million in Invitae common stock.