Apple’s Apocalypse Hits Dallas?

The opening video at Apple’s WWDC2017 Developer Conference last week introduced a chaotic, apocalyptic world where apps no longer existed.

In the Apple Apocalypse, access to our beloved apps suddenly vanishes, we revert back to using physical maps for navigation, video chatting apps are obsolete and absolutely NO SELFIES!

Female Founders Dallas (Pleshette Carmouche, Alicia Morgan, Tiffany Ricks, Nancy Coblenz, Mamie Marie)

The video is an obvious exaggeration, but nevertheless, does raise a few questions.

What if the Dallas tech scene experienced an app apocalypse?  Would there be total mayhem? Are we building the kind of technology that solves things? Are we building the kind of apps that would cause people to go insane if they completely disappeared?

WWDC2017 Presenter Michelle Obama told attendees, “Start small. If you can’t fix your own backyard, it’s going to be hard to fix someone else’s.”

This is a great approach that local tech startups should consider when building apps that truly make an impact:

  1. Identify a problem that our city is currently facing
  2. Build a technical solution to solve that problem
  3. Start small
  4. As you receive traction, scale into other markets

As the founder of a tech startup that builds mobile apps,  I find that many Dallas startups are building incremental solutions to technical problems. They are building apps that are similar to something already created. These apps tend to be overly complicated with too many features.

2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. IOS 11 will be released this September and I am challenging Dallas startups to re-invent themselves by becoming more sticky; build apps that change the way we interact with the world and inspire users to rely on the app daily.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Tiffany Ricks