Blockchain Forum: Beyond Bitcoin Video

Recently there was a Blockchain Forum which offered a unique opportunity for an investor panel to offer their thoughts and insights on the topic of Beyond Bitcoin.

The panel included Meltem Demirors, from Digital Currency Group, Lowell Ness, managing partner of the Palo Alto office of Perkins Coie, and Keynote Speaker, Adam Draper, founder and managing director of BoostVC.

Discussing a wide range of topics, the first question, asking the panel, as investors, where they see the Blockchain going, such as SaaS, creating a product, or consulting with companies employing Blockchain as their business model, set the stage for an interesting, and new debate, regarding Blockchain.  The relevance of Blockchain is highlighted by Demirors who stated that only that morning the government of Ukraine announced they were going to be employing Blockchain.

There is a real challenge with Blockchain and even knowing what it is leaders in Blockchain should be focusing on, whether its SaaS, consulting, or offering products to clients.  Draper jumps right to the point, with people asking “Where’s the money,” and the evolution in the business that has been occurring in order to move the issue forward.

Hitting on a wide range of topics, from transactions to tokens, there is a focus on the practical solutions that Blockchain can provide.

Harmony Tapper