Cyxtera Technologies announces successful acquisition of BrainSpace

Brainspace has announced that their acquisition has closed and is now operating as part of Cyxtera Technologies.  Cyxtera CEO, Manny Medina, was pleased to announce on May 2, 2017, in his first blog as CEO, the successful acquisition and his excitement in welcoming Brainspace into the family.

November 2016 saw the announcement that Medina Capital, led by Manny Medina, and BC Partners would be acquiring Brainspace, creating a global leader in cybersecurity and data retrieval.  The announcement saw the Addison-based Brainspace join a portfolio of more than 57 data centers at Medina Capital.

Medina Capital and BC Partners have joined together to launch Cyxtera Technologies, connecting CentryLink’s Data Centers and co-location business with Medina Capital’s cyber security and data analytics portfolio.   Cyxtera Technology, also announced on May 2, includes CenturyLink’s portfolio, and with the acquisition complete, has an approximate value of $2.8 billion.

Along with BrainSpace, Cryptzone, Catbird, and Easy Solutions were all included in the acquisition creating an organization that will allow for a secure, integrated platform for today’s IT challenges.  BrainSpace offers its’ highly scalable machine learning platform along with their industry-leading unstructured data analytics product to this new venture, strengthening Cyxtera Technologies portfolio and leveraging their holdings for their clients security.

Medina, CEO of Cyxtera, writes that this is a very exciting time to be launching a new tech company due to their world-class team of leaders along with their ability to more effectively secure their offered infrastructure and applications.  This new company will be in a position to offer clients a global data center footprint and cloud-ready security solutions in an infrastructure that works best for them.

Cyxtera operates 57 world-class data centers and offers customers specialized fraud prevention and authentic services, advanced investigative and network analytics, and a context-aware, identity-centric access control solution. Cyxtera Technologies, by bringing together this impressive portfolio, will be better able to lead the industry while meeting their unique client demands.

Harmony Tapper