Healthcare tech firm, BroadJump, announces third generation pricing software to reduce hospital costs

The Dallas Fort Worth region has been a hotbed of growth in the healthcare tech industry, and BroadJump is another gleaming example of just how hot this sector is, and how much the sector is growing, and will continue to grow.

The company announced on March 6, 2017 their third generation of their proprietary surgical and medical expense platform, known as AutoPricer.  AutoPricer makes complex operations manageable thanks to the intuitive technology employed.  BroadJump and AutoPricer have relied on on Frisco-based Code Authority for product development from the very start, outsourcing their weaknesses to those who count technology as their strengths.

Code Authority offers clients such as BroadJump custom software built from scratch, meeting the specific and unique needs of each customer. AutoPricer is designed to provide hospitals real time information regarding the cost of the many products they utilize and to create a price list that is based on what similar facilities are paying for those items.  A process that once took months now only takes minutes and allows searching via categories and the generation of a revised price list by SKU thanks to the integrative process means to make this difficult, yet important, task simpler.

Founded in 2013 BroadJump offers a suite of cloud based SaaS products that are designed to protect the purchasing power of hospitals while offering high quality products and services.  BroadJump was founded on the premise that the lack of transparency and an inefficient supply chain process for medical devices and supplies resulted in hospitals and health care facilities overpaying for their everyday medical needs.

David Ricker, Founder and CEO of BroadJump was already a healthcare industry leader with more than three decades of experience under his belt.  Formerly President and CEO of Broadlane he led the company’s explosive growth turning a loss of $20 million in earnings to earnings of $45 million when the company was sold to MedAssets for nearly $900 million.

With a leadership team and advisors packed with talent in the healthcare and tech industries Ricker was ready to offer BroadJump’s clients a disruptive technology that would result in cost savings in obtaining supplies and services.  With a mission dedicated to helping hospitals save money on the products they already purchase by creating transparency in pricing, hospitals are then able to apply those cost savings in other, more urgent and important, areas of care delivery.

Harmony Tapper