Nectar Agriculture announces aquaponics competition, offering up to $25k

Dallas-based Nectar Agriculture is an agriculture and technology manufacturer founded with the goal of moving the focus of agriculture to a more sustainable model.  In order to meet this goal, Nectar designs and develops aquaponic systems for the home that are easy to use, as well as systems for commercial farmers that are fully-automatic.

There is a growing appeal to aquaponics as there has been more and more focus and thought by consumers when it comes to how their food is sourced and what effect that their food has on the environment.  Nectar has reinvented the wheel when it comes to food production by offering what they call an intelligent food production platform which has been proven to outperform traditional field farming.

With a mission that is driven by the desire to move the human race to a sustainable food system, Nectar relies and encourages innovative developments and technologies.  The organization has designed the Nectar Sustainable Food System Prize as a college and university team-based competition to invent or create an intelligent food production system using aquaponics.

Although the competition hasn’t got a definitive date yet, it is slated to take place this August. The grand prize is $10,000, with three top finalists each being awarded $5,000.  The competition is an opportunity for college students to become engaged in the issue of sustainable food systems by actually creating one.  The student-led solutions will contribute to the body of knowledge that farmers today need in order to lessen the impact that they have on the environment while not affecting their ability to provide food to the population.

This is a great opportunity for college and university students to get involved in developing the technology that will be required in order to feed people around the world.  Aquaponics has an incredible world of opportunity, that potential just needs to be unlocked and shared with those, like Nectar, in a position to mass produce it.

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