Duane Forrester of Yext, keynote speaker at Digital x Dallas’ Forgetting Google event

Duane Forrester is the VP of Industry Insights at Yext and is giving the keynote address at Digital x Dallas on April 24th.  This year, 2017 is the inaugural year for Digital x Dallas with the theme “Forgetting Google,” driving the focus of the event.  Forgetting Google is not a dig at the search giant, instead it highlights the desire to focus on digital marketing on topics that are not SEO.

Forrester’s background makes him a great option to be the keynote at the event being held at SMU’s Dallas campus, a well-known webmaster, former Bing employee, SEO pro, and now at Yext, marketing and technology are what he does, and he does it well.  Along with his impressive work history, Forrester is a popular keynote speaker looking to the future of digital technology with an impressive track record of accurately being able to define what new consumer experiences will look like in the future.

Yext is a digital tech company that builds local brand awareness, drives more on- and off- line traffic, and turns mobile searchers into local buyers with organizations such as T-Mobile, Denny’s, Steward Health Care, and Arby’s employing Yext’s technology.  Yext’s recent IPO debut was reported on by Tech Crunch, announcing that Yext would raise around $115.5 million with an IPO of $11 per share.

Tickets for Digital x Dallas are available here, for the event being held on April 24 from 6:30-9:30 pm.  Forrester’s opening speaker will be Tania Cazin, sales trainer and owner of Stalwart Sales, building her business and connecting with clients without relying on Google, or the Internet.

Digital x Dallas has many different events planned for this year, with each event donating the proceeds to various local organizations.  Digital x Dallas’ Forgetting Google proceeds will be going to the Digital Career Center, an organization that helps people obtain basic computer training and career advisement so they can become self-sufficient and prosper.

Harmony Tapper