West joins the team at Kickbox

Kickbox.io has hired Brandon West to be the new Vice President of Developer Marketing & Relations. 

West brings with him almost 6 years of developer relationship building experience from his previous position as Director of Developer Relations at SendGrid. His wealth of industry experience also derives from his decade long experience as a developer in a variety of technologies prior to that position.

“I am super excited to join the team at Kickbox,” said West. “Developers are a core part of the company’s DNA, and our product offerings solve real email problems. I’m looking forward to working along with the community to make email better for everyone.”

The CEO and Founder of Kickbox, Dan Stevens, is excited about the prospect of West as the new VP.

“Kickbox has always been built with developers in mind,” Stevens said. “We’re excited to have Brandon join us and further support our efforts in creating great email products that benefit the developer community.”

If you’re not familiar with the work of Kickbox, the Dallas based company (which also has an office in London) currently offers a full slate of developer-friendly deliverability tools that can be integrated into any application, website and/or electronic point-of-sale system that captures email data providing developers various solutions to improve email data quality and confirm users. 

They also have email verification and recipient authentication APIs along with API libraries for Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby.  The company which serves marketers worldwide, touts that it is the leader in email verification by being integrated with over 16 leading ESP’s and marketing tools.  They recently verified their 2 Billionth email address while preventing over 250 million bounces.

Already getting to work, Brandon added, “If you’re a developer and have any questions, comments or feedback please reach Brandon at brandon@kickbox.io

Tim Young