Abinav Varma wins Future CEO Owlie Award

On April 13, the Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas awarded the Future CEO Owlie Award to Abinav Varma who leads the UNIBEES team.

The Owlie awards, which began in 2015, were established by the UT Dallas Dean’s Council to honor the core values of their school.

An honored Varma took to Facebook to thank his friends and colleagues for contributing to his success.

“(I am) Very humbled to be awarded the JSOM Future CEO Owlie Award,” wrote Varma. “This wouldn’t have been possible without the blood, sweat and tears of my partner Chandrakiran Achanta and my amazing UNIBEES team. Also a big shout out to the peeps who voted for me, you guys are amazing, thank you so much.”

“The Dean’s Council focused on establishing traditions as its goal for this academic year,” said JSOM Associate Dean Monica Powell, on the UT Dallas’ website. “The council had always wanted an owl as its mascot, and when the owl showed up (in 2014), the Dean’s Council immediately claimed it as the Jindal mascot because it symbolized the core values of the school.”

The term, “OWLIE” is actually an acronym created by the school, which stands for Outstanding, Worthy Leaders, Involved Exceptionally.

The Dean’s Council who selects the award is comprised of 106 members who meet monthly, serving as a link between the administration of the school and the students.  Dozens of leaders are nominated, culminating with one receiving the coveted Future CEO Award.

Varma finished his Facebook remarks by sharing a truly inspiring message,

“Follow your dreams and passions,” Wrote Varma. “One of the biggest things you will face in your life during your later years is regret of not being able to do what you wanted to or regret of not even trying to follow your passions. It’s never too late to start; I would say start now, follow your passions, learn as much as you can and while you are doing this be humble and patient. Wonders will happen!!!!”

Tim Young