Innovation in sports technology builds new communities

The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has long been known for its success in sports.  From the Mavericks, to the Cowboys, to the Rangers, the region has been at the top of the food chain winning championships and innovating to do so.

Alongside the successes in sports are the obvious successes in business.  Technology thrives in the region with many major companies now calling DFW home.  There’s a new building or illuminated logo going up almost every week in the city, but something seems missing.

Communities of sports focused individuals have been gathering to work together, and communities of tech and industry focused individuals have as well, but to this date, there has yet to be a sports technology focused group.

That all changes next Wednesday, April 19th, when a group of local entrepreneurs and experts will gather for the first time to discuss the melding of the sports and technological worlds.

The group seems to be a natural progression that brings together two worlds off the field that are already inseparable on.  When you’re not in your ticketed seats at events or participating in rec league games yourself, you begin to realize just how much technology and sports go hand in hand.

Whether it be wearables, VR, live streaming or so much more, every aspect of our favorite athletics are now combined with tech, so the formation of the DFW Sports Technology MeetUp Group is not only timely, but needed to adapt to the changing landscape of business in DFW.

Showing just how significant they are to the community, the group’s April 19th event will be headlined by media veteran Mike Fisher, who has been working at CBS Radio for over 30 years.  Fisher, who has worked with the NFL and NBA has been at the forefront of the technological shift in both sports.

At long last, it appears as if the successes and innovations of DFW in both sports and technology have come together, starting with meetup community. If we have learned anything from our history, groups like this are critical to the success and growth of business in the region for years to come.

Tim Young