University Laundry announces during Dallas Startup Week their purchase by Proctor & Gamble

Start up exits can be a challenging goal to attain, but one local start up, University Laundry, announced during Dallas Startup Week that they have been purchased by Proctor & Gamble, the leader in household care products, including Tide.  Danielle Abril of D Magazine reports that the company will be re-branded as Tide University Laundry as part of the sale that closed at the end of December 2016.

University Laundry opened in 2003 at Baylor University as Oso Clean, the brain child of Paige Watkins, and financed by her husband Nathan.  Today their services are found on 23 college campuses including Baylor, MIT, Pepperdine University, and Alabama, with each location appropriately named after the school such as Rebel Laundry at Ole Miss and Sooner Laundry at University of Oklahoma.

The concept is simple, offering bundled plans on a semester or annual basis along with the ability to just select their dry cleaning services. Instead of the college student having to do their laundry, for an affordable fee students can drop off 10, 20, or 30 pounds of clothing each week to be washed and folded and returned a few days later.

University Laundry is also more efficient than using the laundry rooms in the dooms by investing in equipment that is water and energy efficient and without the use of chemicals.  The soaps used by University Laundry are high quality and earth friendly that make sure the clothes are cleaned without relying on harsh chemicals which can harm the environment.

When it comes to actually cleaning the clothes, the company separates laundry into three categories–darks, mediums, and whites–while waiting until after clothes have been cleaned and fully dried before weighing them.  Their folding service returns the clothes in recyclable polywrap and are folded in the way expected in retail stores, ensuring organization.  Any clothing that is worn can be washed by University Laundry, with the only clothing items that do not go into their provided laundry bag are dry-cleaned and clothes for ironing which have their own separate bag for dry cleaning service.

Through the barcoded laundry bags provided by University Laundry, it is possible to track the status of your clothing from drop off to pick up, and with a 48-hour turnaround time, having clean clothes anytime is no longer a college pipe dream.

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