Fooda brings pop-up restaurants to your office building

Chicago-based Fooda has brought its innovative food service to Dallas.

In a market saturated with all kinds of food delivery services, Fooda brings the restaurant to your office lobby. Fooda works with local restaurants to provide a steady rotation and variety each day. The restaurant shows up, provides lunches at the same retail cost (or even cheaper in some cases) over a 2 hour window and then cleans up and is gone.

“Metro Dallas is on fire right now. When we looked at the numbers – like population growth and the number of corporations relocating to the region – it’s the perfect next city for Fooda,” comments said CEO, Orazio Buzza. “Less than a month in, it’s already abundantly clear we’ve made the right move. People in Dallas get it.”

Fooda is currently servicing 7 office buildings in the Dallas area, all outside the downtown core.

While the company offers a number of services including catering and employer-paid programs, the pop-up restaurants are by far the most popular.

Head on over to the Fooda blog to see the top 5 reasons they picked Dallas as their next city… then see what restaurant might be coming to your office lobby next or check out one of the open job listings they have for the Dallas market.