DFW business owners, looking to sell your profitable business? Cambium wants to speak to you

Kevin Chaka is one half of the leadership team at Cambium Equity, a group looking to find and purchase a business with the intention of then cultivating and growing it.  Chaka, based in Dallas, and Michael Cox, based in Los Angeles, have assembled a group of investors and raised the funds necessary in order to search the nation high and low looking to acquire a successful business.

Calling it entrepreneurship through acquisition, the ideal business is one that has a track record of success with a leader that is ready to hand over the reigns while ensuring their employees are retained and their business legacy continues to grow.  Unlike most private equity firms, Cambium does not want to acquire businesses to add to their portfolio, squeeze out the profitability, and then sell it for a profit.

Instead, Chaka and Cox want to move to where their ideal business is, spent a year or more learning the ins and outs of the business before taking over the day to day operations.  Once Cambium finds a business, they will go through the due diligence process, and then Cambium will be shut down with the duo focusing 100% of their energy and effort on developing their new business and then down the line growing it.

For business owners looking to retire, or serial entrepreneurs looking to sell their latest venture so they can focus on their next one often worry about the futures of their employees.  Chaka’s business philosophy includes the belief that if the culture of the organization is solid, and the employees are all in, they will invest in the people, which will result in the growth of the business.

Chaka and Cox are not limiting their business search to a specific industry or even location, although Chaka is from Dallas, and would love to stay in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.  While the team will go anywhere in the country for the right business, they are trying to take advantage of their geography and getting to know everyone that they can within the Dallas ecosystem in the hopes of finding a business in this area.

The team is more concerned with the characteristics of the organization than the industry; positive cash flow, a business with a great reputation, loyal customers, and happy, engaged employees.  The team at Cambium are looking at everything from tech companies to the manufacturing plants, and everything in between for a solid business and an owner that is looking to teach them the ropes before moving on.

When asked what he wants business owners to know, Chaka said, “We want people to know we are here, that we are excited to be in the city, we don’t just view Dallas as a good place to live because of the many perks, but we want to be part of the community.”

Chaka also makes it a point to let those around him know that they are open for all conversations, even if it is to just talk about what the potential options are.  In looking to be a resource for Dallas, Chaka wants to help others, even if there is no direct benefit for him or his professional endeavors.

Harmony Tapper