Ep9 – Julian Placino Teaches Us to How to Hire and How to be Hired

Today on the show we learn best practices on hiring at your startup, how to get hired, and what it takes to get starting with a show like this one.
Welcome back to The Jason Croft Show.  Heck, welcome back to me!  Those of you close to me know that there’s been a bit of gap in kickstarting this show but we’re back on track now.  And what a show to come back with!
My guest on the show today is Julian Placino, an absolute powerhouse who I have the privilege of calling friend.  The most amazing thing about Julian is that he is the type of person that makes a decision to move forward on something and then that’s it.  It’s full steam ahead.
Julian is the lead recruiter at Bottle Rocket, an international mobile studio designing apps for just about every large company you could name, and their based right here in Dallas, TX.  At the time of this interview last year, Julian had just launched his podcast, Pathways to Success.  He’s up tot 50+ episodes now and thousands and thousands of downloads.  (Although it’s pretty widely agreed upon that episode 15 of his show is the best he’s done and probably will never be topped.)
He has also gone on to be signed as an on-camera talent with Kim Dawson, and regularly speaks at events all over.
I’m really excited to bring this interview to you, to get these incredible tactics that Julian shares, but also to hear his story and the how he is focuses in on exactly what he wants and goes after it.
And quickly before we get started, I want to give a big giant thanks to Bentley Davis.  He has been guiding me along on the audio side of things with this show as I’ve released episodes and salvaged the audio in this episode after we had some technical issues recording.  So, yes, thank you much, Bentley.
I hope you enjoyed that episode with Julian as much as I did.  I’m thrilled I finally got to share that with you. Make sure you reach out to Julian and check out Pathways to Success.
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