Ep 13: Open Denton – Building Smart Cities on Open Data

After hosting our own event for International Open Data Day (March 4, 2017) with the City of Denton and the University of North Texas Libraries, we brought on some of our expert friends to talk about the role of open data, how we can use it for municipal good, and what a smart city looks like. A list of our guests this episode include: - Jesse Hamner, data scientist and librarian - Kevin Roden, city councilman and Code for America advocate - Abdulrahman Habib, Ph.D. student and city consultant - Jacob Scott Moses, former host of the Parksify podcast and urban living advocate Code for America - https://www.codeforamerica.org Open Denton - https://www.opendenton.com Github - https://github.com/opendenton OpenGov - https://opengov.com/blog/denton-tx-open-data-day City of Denton Portal - http://data.cityofdenton.com

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