Cloud EPC better manages project management

Project management is complex in that it involves so many dynamic, moving parts. Adding to that, most systems are not user-friendly. Cloud EPC hopes to separate itself from the pack by offering a cohesive and user-friendly way of managing projects in the construction industry.

Created by Roshan Vani and his team who he met while working on an oil refinery, Cloud EPC provides solutions to keep construction projects on track by analyzing cost, progress, and performance. It also analyzes company portfolios and project safety.

With their experience in using power Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) software, the team at Cloud EPC knew that their clients would need a system that was easy to use, interactive, and allow them to easily understand their data. Cloud EPC provides an annual subscription for licensing and services including hardware, infrastructure, security, maintenance and support, bandwidth, and data storage.

During its first year, Cloud EPC sold 215 licenses and 471 active projects were being tracked in the system. Constructech magazine has recently named Cloud EPC as one of the commercial Top Product Award winners for 2017.

To learn more about Cloud EPC or request a demo, visit their website or view their Dallas New Tech talk.

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