#BigDNT March: Mendr

In a photo-centric society, our pictures are worth more than a thousand words. They document our achievements, fun times, and everyday life. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t skilled photographers and every photo opportunity isn’t perfect. You can try to use a photo editing app on your phone or software on your computer, but what if you aren’t confident in your editing skills?

“Well that changes on Friday night, March 10,” Josh Farrar says.

What does Farrar know that we don’t? Mendr. Farrar is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Mendr app, that allows users to turn a less than good-looking representation of a great time into what looks like something captured by a professional photographer. Mendr employs professional photo editors to fix photo problems from the most common – the zealous photo-bomber – to the more complex.

The simple workflow of Dream it, Pick it, Guide it, and Edit it shifts the burden of providing quality photos for social media from you to someone who knows what they’re doing. You can visualize a photo without the photo-bomber or the awkward pole, give the editor notes on what you want fixed and they’ll turn your outtake into a featured photo.

Visit the Mendr website to learn more and to download the app, or check out their Dallas New Tech talk below.


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