#BigDNT March: Cloud EPC

Roshan Vani began his Dallas New Tech talk with a simple story. He saw a problem with the way industrial construction project data was managed, and he and his team had a solution: a real-time, all-in-one system that would analyze project cost, progress and change. The solution, according to Vani, was Cloud EPC.

While there are similar systems on the market, many of Cloud EPC’s current and future clients had trouble with effectively using them.

“They [other systems] are difficult to use, it’s not easy to get the data back out of the system when we need it and the fact that it’s basically designed for power users,” Vani says.

Cloud EPC offers a user-friendly system that clients can access anywhere to keep projects on track. It works by tracking and reporting safety, and reduces technical and equipment costs for companies by providing maintenance, support, and security to the company’s project data.

To learn more about Cloud EPC, check out the Dallas New Tech talk, or request a Cloud EPC demo.


Check out his pitch below.

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