RoboKind launches Robots4STEM


The creators of the successful Robots4Autsim program and Milo, RoboKind, have officially launched Robots4STEM.

“We are excited to be able to announce this incredible STEM product to the public,” said Fred Margolin, CEO and Founder of RoboKind, in a recent press release.

The program is designed to teach basic coding and robotic knowledge to K thru 12th grade. The drag and drop interface for the visual programming that RoboKind developed called JettLingo teaches students how to program and control the robot, Jett.

In 2015, Burning Glass reported that “programming jobs were the fastest growing market with nearly 7 million jobs available.” (“Beyond Point and Click: The Expanding Demand for Coding Skills,” Burning Glass Technologies, June 2016.)

The high demand for skilled programmers results in higher-income as companies search for the very best fits. However, schools struggle to meet the ever-increasing demand due to lacking resources and are often unable to provide an environment that nurtures interest with STEM.

“Unfortunately, too many students do not have access to programming classes in their schools, either because there aren’t enough trained teachers or the classes are only offered to a select few,” said Dr. Greg Firn, Chief Operating Officer at RoboKind, in the same press release

Robots4STEM is a cost-effective way for schools to teach children to fulfill the increasing demand for coding jobs. Teachers do not need prior coding skills or computer science knowledge to utilize Robots4STEM in their classrooms. JettLingo can be used and taught at any grade level including:

  • Rotation/station
  • Stand-alone course
  • Before or after school
  • Summer school
  • Enrichment
  • Specials
  • Lab
  • Maker Movement

Dr. Firn continued, “The beauty of the JettLingo platform is its ability to give each student the access and opportunity to learn these powerful programming skills. Learning to code is a key element in the STEM family of disciplines.”

To make Robots4STEM more accessible, JettLingo runs on a web-based system making it available anywhere and on any device.

Learn more about RoboKind and Robots4STEM, check out their website. You can also visit Robots4Autism to learn about the incredible work RoboKind and Milo are doing to help children with Autism learn and understand social behavior.

Rebeca Easton